• "We are members of the SAA because it has for over 2 decades set a high benchmark of practice in our industry that benefits artists, clients and member agents. By sharing broad industry matters with each other, we have improved our practice and helped keep the business healthy for all.”

    Harry Lyon-Smith, Illustration Ltd

When you join, you'll be invited to meet up both professionally and socially with many of the leading UK illustration agencies, have access to specialist SAA client contracts and artists agreement templates, enjoy regular marketing opportunities via the SAA website and collaborative exhibitions and events, as well as a monthly e-newsletter, blog and a lot more.... read more

  • Join us if your mission is to encourage the use of illustration

  • If you'd like to liaise with other respected groups from the creative community to promote the use of illustration

  • If you believe in protecting and upholding the rights of illustrators and negotiating the intelligent use of their Intellectual Property


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