Ben Hasler

Ben Hasler has created a market trader in a futuristic exoskeleton for Risk Magazine this month, a really beauty of an image.

This was to illustrate a series of articles looking at how the front office is being changed by technology and data from a strategic level – how are things changing, why now, what will markets businesses look like in 2021.

A claim that has been made a few times by various sources is that this is not about automating everything and replacing all today’s salespeople and traders – it’s about surrounding them with new tools, giving them new powers etc etc. So, instead of ‘the rise of the robots’ the idea is more like ‘the rise of the cyborgs’ – humans, augmented by machines.

Ben has taken his hand to other types of robots and a variety of technical vector work working for Honda, Bradley Wiggins, Virgin and many others.

Ben Hasler is represented by NB Illustration

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