Bruno Mangyoku – Ustwo

Bruno Mangyoku has teamed up with award-winning independent game studio UsTwo, to promote their latest offering ‘Assemble With Care'. Bruno was commissioned to create Key Art for the new title alongside assets for an animated trailer. Art direction by Studio Something. The game is available now on Apple Arcade.

Martina Flor – Foreign Policy Magazine

Climate change is a topic that concerns us all and is something that Foreign Policy wanted to highlight in a recent article based on the term 'Flugscham'. The word is a German term for the 'flying shame' experienced over the carbon footprint of air travel. It was therefore very fitting to have Berlin based, typographer, Martina Flor tackle the subject with custom lettering and illustrated icons.
Thanks to Lori Kelley for the art direction and opportunity to work on this.

David Sparshott – REDA ‘Ordinary Day’

Established in 1865, Reda is an Italian wool mill with a rich history of producing high quality fabrics. Fast forward to 2019 and the company was looking for an illustrator to help launch their innovative new Reda Flexo fabric.

The fabric is designed specifically for suits and it's USP lies in it's flexibility to be worn for any number of different activities throughout the day. The brand wanted to bring this to life, by illustrating a number of scenes in the everyday routine of a busy suit wearing man. David Sparshott was identified as the perfect fit (excuse the pun) to draw up the Reda 'Ordinary Day'.

The images will be used on the client's website, at trade shows and across social media channels.

David Sparshott is represented by Handsome Frank

Leonie Bos and Lesley Barnes- Shortlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards 

Leonie's shortlisted image is an editorial illustration about the notorious Amsterdam food critic, the late Johannes van Dam. He was both loved and feared, his reviews could close down restaurants. Not mentioned in the article to be illustrated, but known to everyone was the fancy way he dressed. Leonie made this the starting point.


November 2019
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