World War One illustrated by Frances Castle


This month we have commemorated armistice day and this year is one hundred years since the outbreak of World War One. Frances Castle was commissioned by the BBC to illustrate a series of images to demonstrate to school children, what life was like in Britain during the Great War for the BBC Primary History website. She covered subjects such as the causes of the war, a typical school day and how developments in technology, communications and weapons during the war, changed the way it was fought.

Frances Castle is represented by Arena


Chris Price and Delisia Howard / Andaz Hotel Guest Room Installation

Pearly Room 7Pearly Room 6Pearly Room 5Pearly Room 4Pearly Room

Chris Price collaborated with Delisia Howard on this ‘Pearly Room’ mural for Andaz Hotel in East London. The couple created the artwork as part of the 'Room with a View' art series. The work depicts local landmarks and is a celebration of the best of East London life.

Chris Price is represented by Début Art

Neasden Control Centre / Percy & Founders Perspective Installation

ncc 1 percyandfounders-neasden-control-centre-002 percyandfounders-neasden-control-centre-005 percyandfounders-neasden-control-centre-003 percyandfounders-neasden-control-centre-crop2


Debut Art was approached by Cubbitt House to help on a project for their new restaurant, Percy and Founders, opening soon in Fitzrovia, London. The brief was to create a perspective installation of the company logo on the site of the new restaurant. The video of the installation would then be used on the restaurant's holding page. Steve Smith AKA Neasden Control Centre is no stranger to large scale installations so his skills were called upon and he soon set to work. The time lapse video of the installation can be seen here


Pastiche illustrations by Max Schindler



Pastiche artist Max Schindler was  commissioned to produce a number of illustrations which were briefed and  based on the various legal scenarios depicted in law magazine  "Legal Business".

He was asked to  create  some  images which were lively and interesting  and  created in style to designers and artists of the bygone past, including Saul Bass.

Max is a very accomplished artist  in his own right but finds he can turn a hand to most image styles when asked  and is  therefore a very reliable  and talented pastiche artist on the books of Artist Partners.


Larry Rostant for Macmillan

tumblr_nemoyeYfwc1qh22nyo4_250 tumblr_nemoyeYfwc1qh22nyo1_250 tumblr_nemoyeYfwc1qh22nyo3_250 tumblr_nemoyeYfwc1qh22nyo2_250 tumblr_nemoyeYfwc1qh22nyo5_500


James Annal  art director at Macmillan Publishers commissioned Larry Rostant to produce these wonderful cinematic and striking covers for the top British Sci-fi writer  Peter F. Hamilton's  new  title and hefty backlist.

These beautiful stylish covers,  are very much of the film poster  and video game genre ...

Larry Rostant is well known for producing stunning photographic covers in the science fiction and fantasy areas of publishing  and so this was the ideal commission and a great tribute to his work - James Annal who produced the design  has included unique and stunning spines, which are made of  stripes of colours which should help make the books stand out from others on the shelves!

For more of Larry's work please go to the Artist Partners  website :

The Lynx Axe Range

Chris Ede works on a mammoth packaging commission for the Lynx/Axe brand.

Art directed by Utd Studio, Chris has designed nine packaging illustrations for these box sets which are hitting the shelves for Christmas. Chris has created masculine, urban and attractive artworks and says "The brief was to capture the essence of each deodorant brand logo name in the form of an illustration within a dynamic triangular framework."

Steve Gilligan of Utd Studio says of Chris's part in the project:-

"Upon finding Chris Ede within the site we were immediately struck by the depth and intricate layering of his artwork. A three way paid creative pitch ensued with Chris bringing a level of story telling that captured the essence of the fragrance and hit the brief bang on. Selecting Chris as the winner was simple!

Chris quickly got up to speed and worked tirelessly both with the commissioning agency and the ultimate end client to work through a series of 9 illustrations Chris began with mood boards and rough sketches that provided the heart of his vision. Then following feedback he worked through the range with creativity, craft and professionalism. Even towards the end when a couple were tough to crack, Chris continued to work with the same level of enthusiasm as he began the project.

The final result was a creative yet cohesive range of gift packs that each had their own unique visual story and a very happy client."

Chris Ede is represented by Illustration



A Debenhams Christmas Campaign

image image-1 image-3 image-2


'FOUND IT' is the 2014 Debenhams Christmas Campaign; created by Nina Hunter and commissioned by JWT London.

Nina was involved from the concept stage where the "found it" idea was in its primary form. Going through various design stages and looks - from a bold to a more decorative style, the result is a simple effective design. The idea was to create the "found it" keyword from beautiful Christmas icons, Nina says "It was a fantastic experience working with the art directors at JWT. I enjoyed the creative process and loved how each stage was unique and beautiful. I'm very proud of this highlight in my career".

Nina Hunter is represented by Illustration Ltd.

Lynn Hatzius

We are delighted to introduce you to the inspiring work of illustrator and collage artist Lynn Hatzius, the latest artist to join Phosphor. Offering a number of distinctive styles, including collages featuring vintage engravings and intricate prints with a papercut look, Lynn has previously been commissioned by publishers including Random House, GQ Magazine and Readers Digest.


large_image_aoi LHatzius_Abundance LHatzius_BearDance LHatzius_parachutes LHatzius_Skull

In conversation with Harry Lyon-Smith, director at Illustration Ltd



Please give a short summary of your company history and provide a bit of information about yourself and how you got into the business?

The agency was started in 1929 by a lady by the name of Katherine Boland, and it was called the Katherine Boland Studio. She ran it with her sister until 1970 when John Havergal bought it on their retirement. He changed the name to The Garden Studio, reflecting its location in Covent Garden, London. 15 years later after various experiments into publishing and greetings cards, John found that it was the agency part that was most enjoyable and rewarding.

It's in 1985 that I found myself delivering portfolios to him as a motorcycle courier aged 20. I was paying off some college debts, and found myself quite regularly at John's door. An acquaintance evolved, which developed into a friendship and a job offer to join him as a trainee agent. (Train me he did, his professionalism and duty to our artists being very much alive in the agency 30 years on.) A decade or so later he invited me to be a junior partner, and a few years after that he retired and we made arrangements for the business to carry on.


inside the office on Albert Embankment


How would you describe your day-to-day role as an illustrators’ agent?

(i.e. finding work, finding new clients, serving regular clients, managing accounts, scheduling artists time)

The agency has evolved into a more plural operation than the 1 man band it once was and it is what we do as a team that answers this question.

On the coal face, so to speak, there are 10 agents dotted around the globe who manage enquiries and jobs. Three are involved in the financial side of the operation, four handle marketing and promotion, and a further three vitally work with our artists and the agent team, keeping the portfolios looking great, managing new artists submissions and talent scouting.


The team!


What are the commercial advantages for artists represented by your agency?

Immediately anyone joins us, and their work is live on our site, they have a large international audience of commissioners. We have an expanding number of agents in new developing territories, and work comes in from all corners of the world. Our website has been around from very early days in the history of the web, and it has enabled us to keep principle positions on the google rankings.

We are a large agency by most measures and with that comes advantages. Such as the scale and range of the illustrators that we represent for the clients seeking top flight creative is rare that we can’t offer an option that is either bang on, or pretty damn close, or perhaps an exciting alternative that takes their creative to new places. This rewards the agency with loyal and regular customers enjoying very friendly, consistent and professional service from our artists and the agent team.

We have developed a payment system that gets everyone paid either all or a portion of the fees quite soon after invoice.

artists 1

Artists represented by Illustration Ltd


What other benefits can an artist gain from being represented by you?

(i.e. Negotiating contracts, rights and usage licenses, support, time to work)

Our management systems ensures that as soon as a job is confirmed, the paper work is done and emailed to the artist and the client, with all the licences, fees, terms, deadlines etc clearly set out. The jobs are monitored and managed on a unique and efficient software, that we have been evolving for 2 decades. It connects to all the agents and gives us extraordinary flexibility to keep on top of jobs and help deliver clients top jobs, whilst alleviating pressure from the artists.

Furthermore, all the billing is automatically done when the job is finished, and a strict payment collection process is instigated….we hardly have artists chasing us for monies nowadays. If they do need the fee before it has been paid, we have an option that pays immediately if they wish.

artists page 2


What are the benefits of networking within the wider artistic community?

(i.e. SAA Members, AOI & ProAction, events )

There are many good agents looking after the best interests of artists that they represent, and we admire them for their qualities...often with professional jealousies, that sharpens us up. However there are other agents that one hears who do not adhere to the standards that we have always held. The great thing about the SAA is that we know that the other members behave as per the constitution, and that is professional and fair. There are other agents who do as well, and we would like them to join the SAA to help develop our industry into a more influential and recognised barer of professional influence and practice.

Scrapbook Live event 1

Scrapbook Live 3

ScrapBook Live 2

Scrapbook Live event - Exhibition by 21 Illustrators from Illustration Ltd - London's Griffin Gallery


How do you help your artists develop their portfolio and market?

Every Wednesday morning the team gathers and we review about a dozen or so of our artists portfolios, the jobs they have done, the marketing and promotion that we are doing, along with future plans. After this we have a good discussion with the artists, going through all the points raised, and sending a written report of it all. This we do 4 times a year with every artist on a formal setting, and of course a great deal more less formally in the throws of day to day business. Additionally we have regular meet ups, that we call ‘Face to faces”, that can either be in the office, by video conference or with a glass in hand...depending on location etc. It is all about enjoying spooling the artist’s and teams’ experiences that spark ideas and approaches that have client doors flying open.


What do you consider is the main role and responsibilities of the illustrators you represent to help you to build their career?

(i.e. Flexibility, punctual with deadlines, importance of personal work to help develop an artist’s visual language etc)

A static portfolio will sooner or latter begin to fail any artist. We have seen this countless times and is probably without exception. So a continuously evolving portfolio has to be part of the essence of any illustrator’s career. Otherwise it is all about being a professional, delivering beyond expectation and utterly charming to work with. If you need any help with the last point (and we all do) read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Cheesey in title, but there is a reason it has been the top selling self help book for over 100 years. Everyone joining us in the office has to read is law in our shop.

Levi Pinfold’s Black Dog: Children’s Book Winner, AOI Illustration Awards 2013

Congratulations to Levi Pinfold whose stunning picture book, Black Dog, has won the prestigious CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2013.

The judges describe the book as ‘A visual treat, full of mood and atmosphere, the beautiful illustrations are full of detail and perfectly in keeping with the story … A timeless, thought-provoking book about facing up to anxiety, fears, and the black dog that visits some of us from time-to-time.’
Black Dog has also won first prize in the Children's Book Category in the year's AOI Illustration Awards AND the picture books category in the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2013.
Levi Pinfold is represented by Arena
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