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Startworks 2020 open call to all new graduates!

The Artworks is incredibly excited to announce an open call for new graduates to apply for our Startworks mentoring programme!

Since the agency was founded, Startworks has been helping new graduates bridge the gap between leaving university and kickstarting their career as an illustrator. We continue to successfully represent many artists who have joined the agency through Startworks; helping to expand portfolios, build client relationships and navigate the creative industry.

If you have graduated as part of the class of 2020 from an illustration, design or arts degree and think you’re ready to leap into the world of professional illustration, then we want to hear from you!

Please send a short introduction, no more than 5 low-res jpegs and a link to your online portfolio, to . To reiterate, this is only open to those who have graduated in 2020. Please be aware that due to the overwhelming amount of applications, we can only respond to those who have been successful, but we thank everyone for taking the time to get in touch.

Best of luck! We look forward to hearing from the graduates of 2020!


Nic Jones paints both poles for Quarto in “North Pole/ South Pole”.

Nic Jones’s first book for Quarto Publishing, North Pole/South Pole (written by Michael Bright), is available to pre-order now! A literal “flip book” the reader begins at the North Pole, learning about the climate and geography of the arctic and then flips the book over to arrive at the South Pole, where you can discover the tabular icebergs, sub-glacial lakes, and ice chimneys of the Antarctic.


Sarah McMenemy’s illustrations depict the diabetic body in a new animation

Sarah McMenemy has created assets and illustrations for a public information animation, helping to raise awareness about the widespread problem of Diabetes across the USA.

Working closely with an animator, Sarah’s images grow and shrink as we enter the unseen world of our own bodies, giving us a glimpse into the way Diabetes works. Taking cues from the client, Sarah had to keep the visuals approachable;

“The client wanted to avoid it looking worrying or too medical, and therefore retain the viewers attention. I used a harmonious set of colours to depict the organs. The watercolour treatment allowed us to overlap and show positioning of organs in the body.”

Scanning her watercolours into photoshop, the use of overlays and transparencies perfectly depict the way glucose and insulin work with blood cells, taking visual cues from vintage biology encyclopaedias.

If you’re keen to learn more about how diabetes can affect you or others then we highly recommend taking a look at this latest animation from Sarah McMenemy!

Sarah McMenmy is represented by The Artworks

September 2020

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