CBBC TV Commission for Storytrain

Talented artists Ben Mounsey and Sam Church have recently been delighting children across the country, their illustrations having  been screened on Cbeebies' 'Driver Dan's Story Train',  episodes of which are still viewable on BBC iplayer. Sam's wonderful drawings can be seen on the story 'I Can Do, You Can Do', and Ben has produced stunning work for two stories - 'What Is Wrong With Angus' and 'Pirate Pie'. They've really made these tales come alive with their vivid imaginations!

Ben's portfolio

Sam's portfolio


The well-known Meerkats TV campaign got the “Old Master” treatment from Pastiche, who has been busy again wielding his brushes and creating a Rembrandt style image depicting the proud ancestors of Aleksandr and Sergei.

Pastiche is represented  by Phosphor Art and more of his work can be seen here

Nod Young works with HSBC

Amazing new artist Nod Young based in Beijing had only a week to wait for his first commission. His Chinese heritage was perfect for HSBCs latest campaign which is out now. His unique style of brushwork depicted characters and lettering which were then transferred to large lanterns, and then beautifully shot to be used for both still and moving imagery. Nod Young is represented by Phosphor Art.

Yemen looks West

This month Darren Diss from the Art Market, has undertaken a new commission for the Independent Newspaper
entitled "Yemen Looks West "
Other images by Darren Diss are available for viewing on the SAA hub here

“Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days” 2010 diary

Anne Kristin Hagesaether (Eastwing)has produced thirteen beautiful illustrations to form chapter openers for the "Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days" 2010 diary, produced by DBP. Anne Kristin's sensitive and painterly illustrations set the perfect tone for the theme of the diary - "Living in the moment". The illustration shown is the opener for June.

Open Anne Kristin's portfolio here

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