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Standard Life Pensions Campaign

James was commissioned by  VCCP to do the illustrations for Standard Life's Pensions campaign "Get a Reality Check". His lovely painted characters and under the sea scenes were put together to make an animated advert for cross track and online use.

James is represented by Arena.

Open his portfolio here

Gavin Reece

Here is Gavin Reece’s latest illustration for property consultants CWM’s on going print campaign. Gavin has worked with CWM over the past three years, his iconic style perfectly sets the tone for showcasing London’s most exclusive locations at their most glamorous.

Gavin is represented by New Division.

Open his portfolio here

A little Book of Languages

  Jean-Manuel Duvivier's intelligent and quirky illustrations were the perfect choice to feature on the cover and throughout author David Crystal's new book "A Little Book of Language".

Jean-Manuel completed 40 illustrations on subjects tackled in the book, including the first words of an infant, text messaging and disappearing languages.

Jean-Manuel is represented by Eastwing

Open his portfolio here

La Boca join the ranks at Début Art.

La Boca are a London based studio, specialising in art & design for the film, music and fashion industries. Their portfolio is a bold blend of psychedelic colour, geometric shapes with a healthy dose of surrealism, as seen here, in the award winning sleeve art for Muse.

The Nostalgia Issue

A snapshot of the past in Bec Winnel's dreamy fashion flashback.

The illustration is currently gracing the front cover of Mecca, a Melbourne based fashion magazine created by Madeline Boyd as part of her dissertation. Bec’s job was to take a trip down memory lane to create this front cover for the nostalgia issue, also within the pages is an interesting profile on the artist herself.

Bec is represented by Illustration Ltd 

Open her portfolio here

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

This eye grabbing piece of work comes from the talented fingertips of Masha Karpushina.

Commissioned by EMI for their production music branch KPM to create a CD cover for Indie Movie House, Masha's unique style was perfect for the brief. The cover required a quirky indie feel and to be representative of the music inside.

Masha is represented by Illustration Ltd 

View more of her work here

Do You Believe in G.O.D?

John Holder is the man behind this compelling project.

"Good Old Drawing" is aimed at collecting together drawings by like minded artists who believe in the fundamental G.O.D skills. Along with colleague Philip Hodgkinson, John has amassed approximately 100 artists including Hockney and Scarfe, with samples of their work and reasons for believing in G.O.D. The project also supports young artists. Keep your eyes out for a G.O.D book, currently in progress

John Holder is represented by Illustration Ltd and you can open his portfolio here


Two artists have been working in synergy and collaboration on  a new, and  highly anticipated non-fiction title by Mark Urban, entitled  TASK FORCE BLACK  

Two great talents  working on  the one cover, commissioned by the designer Sean Garrehy at Little Brown Publishing – 
The book telling the secret story of Britain’s war in Iraq was illustrated by : 

Larry Rostant,  who produced a graphic and journalistic approach to the cover with his very own  trademark photographic  eye and imagery. 

John Harwood who  created  in 3D  a specialised typographical approach for a book of this calibre and weight  .

A  great collaboration of talents merge for a book which has gone straight to no 1 this week!!

Both artists are represented by Artist Partners ltd. 

Open Larry Rostant's portfolio here

Open John Harwood's portfolio here

David Whittle works with South Eastern Railway


With the dawn of Oyster card travel on London's over ground network, illustrator David Whittle has been busy working on a big advertising campaign for South Eastern trains. His wonderful artwork will grace key poster sites at railway stations across the network. The artwork is also used in direct mail, press, on buses, underground sites, and online, with his quirky characters being used for an animation on the South Eastern Railway home page. Be sure to check out his illustrations on your travels this February and March!

David is represented by The Organisation

You can open his portfolio here

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