Lost Worlds by John Howe (Arena)

Just published by Kingfisher

'The World is a big place and the past is even bigger – it is full of worlds that have been lost'.

Atlantis, Troy, Shambhala and Avalon – worlds long abandoned, buried or forgotten in the mists of time are now unearthed in John Howe's new book Lost Worlds. The breathtaking illustrations capture each world's hidden depths and mysterious pasts, including The Garden of Eden, Uluru and The Faerie World. Written and illustrated by John, this was an exciting and challenging project and will no doubt lead to further works inspired by his love of history and research into both real and imagined worlds.

john howe

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Lizzie Cullen at Zizzi Restaurants

Young talented illustrator Lizzie Cullen (represented by Phophor Art) has won several awards in her short career and certainly made a lasting mark. Currently her two latest designs can be seen gracing the walls of Zizzi restaurants in Marlow and Sevenoakes. She was spotted by the head of design for the chain, and commissioned to produce ideas and paintings for the two interior walls using the surrounding areas as inspiration. Marlow is painted predominantly in black and white and her "psycho-geographie" as she calls the work, echos the special feel that a a town like Marlow has, with the winding river Thames and suspension bridge playing a major part. Sevenoakes is much more colourful and reflects the bustle of that lively area, while retaining the country feel. Lizzie will be doing more for the Zizzi chain so watch out for her fabulous illustrations at your local!



The Organisation celebrates success in illustration showcases

We are proud to announce that number of our illustrators have been chosen to appear in the following books

Look out for the newly released 'Big Book of Contemporary Illustration', by Martin Dawber, featuring 400 of the best illustrators and designers from all over the world and showcasing the best in modern illustration. Seven of our talented artists were lucky enough to be chosen for the publication:

RICHARD JOHNSON - has been selected with a number of images for the AOI IMAGES ANNUAL


carlos_araujo_medic2_organisation copy

See more of Carlos's work here

Animation and TV projects for the Organisation

We have been lucky enough to work on some strictly hush hush projects - contracts forbid me to say more! It's an exciting development for a number of our new and established illustrators working in the children's book area.

Ben Mounsey and Dave Bain have worked on a series of artworks for a top secret animated TV program airing in the UK next spring

Alison Jay has been involved in production of work for a well known film studio which if approved will form the basis of an animated feature film

Mike Gibbie has been producing character designs and artwork for an animated production headed for a UK TV Channel


See more work from the Organisation here

Gail Armstrong creates a beautiful set of Stamps

Gail Armstrong (from illustration Ltd) has created an incredible set of stamps on Henry VIII for Guernsey Post to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the coronation of the legendary king. Gail has used a colour palette that is heavily influenced by the paintings and textiles of the era. "All of the patterned and textured papers I used for these pieces, I created digitally" explained Gail "rather than being compromised by what was available."

Jonny Thompson Photography for Guernsey Post

See more of Gail's work here

Melvyn Evans works with Beaverbrooks Jewellers

Melvyn Evans (from New Division) was commissioned by Beaverbrook’s Jewellers to bring their brand messages to life with his colourful typography and wit. Melvyn developed the concepts around the brand messages, using a combination of his hand drawn typography and quirky graphics, creating a charming series of images. Melvyn’s illustrations were used as POS and featured in Beaverbrook’s in store magazines.

Melvyn Evans Big (Newdivision)Open Melvyn's portfolio here

Barbara Spoettel @ New Division

Commissioned by The Americana at Brand, Barbara Spoettel produced a stunning series of illustrations for the luxury housing and retail development in California.

Barbara’s illustrations spearheaded the marketing campaign of this multi-million dollar development. Barbara was selected as her chic and stylish illustrations were felt to perfectly reflect the aspirational ethos of the development. The wide range of illustrations showcase Barbara’s talent of adding a touch of glamour to the every day.

Barbara Spoettel Big (Newdivision)

Open Barbara's portfolio here

Yehrin Tong at Debut Art

We love Yehrin Tong's latest illustration for the cover of the classic novel
"A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth. Working with Fallon for Orion books, Yehrin
was chosen as one of nine groundbreaking artists to produce the limited
edition cover and endpapers to coincide with Weidenfeld & Nicolson's 60th
debutart_yehrin-tong large

Open Yehrin's portfolio here

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