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Nod Young works with HSBC

Amazing new artist Nod Young based in Beijing had only a week to wait for his first commission. His Chinese heritage was perfect for HSBCs latest campaign which is out now. His unique style of brushwork depicted characters and lettering which were then transferred to large lanterns, and then beautifully shot to be used for both still and moving imagery. Nod Young is represented by Phosphor Art.

Yemen looks West

This month Darren Diss from the Art Market, has undertaken a new commission for the Independent Newspaper
entitled "Yemen Looks West "
Other images by Darren Diss are available for viewing on the SAA hub here

“Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days” 2010 diary

Anne Kristin Hagesaether (Eastwing)has produced thirteen beautiful illustrations to form chapter openers for the "Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days" 2010 diary, produced by DBP. Anne Kristin's sensitive and painterly illustrations set the perfect tone for the theme of the diary - "Living in the moment". The illustration shown is the opener for June.

Open Anne Kristin's portfolio here

Martina Farrow for Radox

Commissioned for the Radox ‘How to Be Selfish’ campaign, Martina Farrow’s soft and feminine style was used across the website in a series of illustrations.

Martina is represented by New Division

My mum has X-ray vision!

Alex T Smith’s third picture book with Scholastic Children’s Books has just been published! My Mum Has X-Ray Vision! by Angela McAllister, is a hilariously sweet story about how mum’s always know what you are up to… especially if it’s something you are not meant to be doing:

Milo’s Mum always knows what he’s up to. She knows when he's using her saucepans to brew up magic spells, and she knows when he's bouncing on his bed. She even knows when he's wrestling with giant sea monsters in the bath. But how does she do it? There can only be one answer: she must have X-Ray vision!

Open ALex's portfolio here

Tomislav Tomic makes it to the cover of Illustration Magazine

Tomislav’s beautiful illustration of the Snow Queen was used on the cover of this year’s Christmas edition of Illustration Magazine. His sketchbook work was also chosen for the Illustrator’s Notebook feature, offering an insight into his extraordinary imagination and draftsmanship.

Tomislav writes:

When I start to illustrate books I used sketchbooks as a database for reference material. I draw lots of studies of plants, trees, animals and other stuff, all of which could help me with my illustrations.

Tomislav is represented by Arena.

See more of his work here

Thomas Flintham creates a great Xmas card

Arena’s new illustrator Thomas Flintham was commissioned to create their charming Christmas card this year, Angel. This character originated as the Angel of Light in Thomas’ Christmas comic series, Super Christmas.

Thomas recently finished his Illustration Masters at Camberwell School of Art and is already becoming well known for his meticulously detailed maze artworks, including The Amazing Giant’s Castle.

British Comedy Awards 2009

Setting all his paint-guns to ‘funny’ is Keith Robinson and his epic work on last week’s 2009 British Comedy Awards.

Keith created branding, titles and packaging—including logo, to reflect the superhero theme of the set. He also produced storyboards for Marvel comic artist Mike McKone, later animating Mike’s characters.

Keith is represented by Illustration ltd

you can open his portfolio here

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