Just Published: What Can You Stack on the Back of a Yak? Illustrated by Adam Stower

Captain Quack and his trusty yak deliver the post to the mountains and back. At least, that's the idea, but Yak keeps picking up friends instead, with hilarious consequences. Published this month by Alison Green Books, What Can You Stack on the Back of a Yak? is brought to life by Adam Stower's wonderfully characterful illustrations. Find out just how much Yak really can stack on his back...

Adam Stower is represented by Arena


Just Published: The Story of Stars by Neal Layton

The multi-talented Neal Layton gives us his unique perspective on stars, solar systems and galaxies in The Story of Stars, published by Hodder this month. This fun pop-up book, follows on from the success of The Story of Everything and The Story of Things, which make complicated theories accessible to children. Did you know that the Ancient Greeks did a join-the-dots with the night sky? Or that the sun is our nearest star? Or that stars are born, live and die, just like us?

Neal Layton is represented by Arena



Kristyna Litten: Just Published: Pigeon Pie, Oh My!

Illustrated by Kristyna Litten, Pigeon Pie, Oh My!  is a great cause-and-effect story with lots of visual clues throughout the narrative and teaches the reader that even if you're little, you can make yourself count.

Down on Budd Farm, the naughty goat causes havoc, and eats the scarecrow’s clothes, leaving the pigeons to steal the corn in the farmers field but the other farmyard animals have a clever plan to save the crop. This fun picture book about working together, written by Debbie Singleton, is published by Oxford University Press this month.

Kristyna has brought life and humour to the farmyard characters, giving this story warmth and style with her limited colour palette and attention to detail.


Kristyna Litten is represented by Arena



Just Published: Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

Adam Stower's new picture book Troll and the Oliver is published this month by Templar. Adam has created a visual treat with a gorgeous blue troll at the heart of his hilarious story. Troll is very hungry, and every day he tries to eat Oliver on his way to the shops. But catching Oliver is not as easy as it looks…

Adam has created wonderful expression with Troll's wayward eyebrows and big toothed grin and he also captures Oliver's personality beautifully as he skips through the book taunting Troll with his basket of goodies.

Don't just believe us, book & media blog: "Read It, Daddy!" love it too, here's what they think:

"As monster books go this is pretty much perfect. It sets its cards on the table early on, then gathers them in one by one in such a manner that you will reach the end, flip the book back to page one and begin all over again. Troll and Oliver are brilliant characters (you really will not like Oliver at first, but bear with, bear with!) and like all clever ideas for children's stories, it's such a simple premise but beautifully executed. We just could not get enough of it."
Adam is represented by Arena

Rosie Revere Engineer

The summer is nearly over but it's been a very busy time at Artist Partners with three new highly anticipated Children’s Picture Books being published this month!

Its all very exciting news!! The first of those books is the most recent one illustrated by David Roberts and I can say it's already creating a real buzz in Children’s Publishing circles!

Published by Abrams Books "Rosie Revere Engineer" is the follow up to the hugely successful Iggy Peck picture book, also written by talented author Andrea Beaty and beautifully illustrated by the ever popular David Roberts.
Reviewers in the US and Europe are naming it as  the book to watch, with a rhyming tale about a young girl living her dreams inventing gizmos and gadgets as a budding engineer!

David Roberts is represented by Artist Partners



artist partners

Runa Rudaya

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new artist, Runa Rudaya!
Originally from Belarus, and now living in the UK, Runa studied at the Cambridge School of Art and over time has developed a beautiful style of illustration, for both children's and adult work. Her images, created digitally, are rich in texture, colour and depth, and a strong sense of story telling is integral to her work. It's sure to charm you all as it did us and once we had seen her work, we knew we had to have her on board! So here's to her great success.
Runa Rudaya is represented by The Organisation

Sam and the Robots

This month we are please to show you the latest work from fabulous artist Lisa Hunt. She has just finished this lovely book, 'Sam and the Robots' for Ladybird books' 'Read in Yourself' series,  telling the quirky tale of a boy whose robot inventions take on a life of their own! Lisa's artwork is typically charming, colourful and with a great sense of wit, making learning to read all the more fun!

Lisa Hunt is represented by The Organisation


Enid Blyton awaited new books

Crikey!! Frightfully exciting news!

Twelve New covers for two newly published and awaited series of books by Enid Blyton entitled: Young Adventure Stories and Family Adventure stories are out now!

These classic stories have been given wonderful new cover images by David Frankland one of Artists Partners top illustrators, and his inimitable and unique style which is both classic and modern gives them a marvellous new approach.  The series has been creatively designed by Eoghan O’Brien from Octopus Publishing ...
Here are just some from the series !
Ripping yarns for the summer, you're going to want to read them all !!

enid blyton 1enid blyton 2

‘The Tragic Tale of Dwayne, The Eating Monster’

We are proud to announce that Valentina Mendicino's first children's picture book as author and artist, published by Top That! Publishing, is hitting the shelves this month. 'The Tragic Tale of Dwayne, The Eating Monster' is the hilarious story of one little monster's insatiable appetite. He eats and eats, and grows and grows, until.... well you'll just have to find out his fate for yourselves! Valentina's striking and original artwork conveys the story perfectly, and we are pleased and excited to be part of the blossoming career of an artist and author who is definitely one to watch over the coming months.

Valentina Mendicino is represented by The Organisation


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