Jamie Edler

Artist Partners are delighted to welcome the very creative and exciting talents of  Jamie Edler to our agency - his fabulous and stylish work is strong and figurative, with an abundance of fashionable stylish flair.

For more of his wonderful work please go to the website : https://www.artistpartners.com/portfolios/jamie-edler/

We look forward to hearing from you -

Welcoming Marie-Alice Harel to Arena Illustration

It is said that stories are told eye to eye, heart to heart and mind to mind, this Scottish proverb is at the very essence of the work of our newest Arena Illustrator.
We are thrilled to welcome award-winning illustrator and storyteller Marie-Alice Harel to Arena Illustration,presenting her exquisite illustrations, masterful storytelling and stunning new online portfolio.
Award-winning French illustrator Marie-Alice Harel began her full time career in illustration in Edinburgh in 2016 where she had first settled as a Geosciences PhD and researcher. Her ethereal watercolour illustrations exude a magical transience which capture the imagination.
With storytelling at the heart of her illustration practice, Marie-Alice draws inspiration from exotic cultures, fascinating historical archives, fantasy, mysticism and her own personal life experiences. This skill for creating stories first made its appearance in a series of exquisite limited edition books.
Winning the prestigious Book Illustration Competition in 2019 for illustrating Howl's Moving Castle by Dianne Wynne Jones published by The Folio Society, Marie-Alice's stunning illustration work is much in demand and lends itself beautifully to a wealth of publishing and design projects. This lavish edition of a fantastical tale includes an introduction by award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick and perfectly showcases her delicate dreamlike style. Watch their YouTube Video HERE



Bruno Mangyoku – Ustwo

Bruno Mangyoku has teamed up with award-winning independent game studio UsTwo, to promote their latest offering ‘Assemble With Care'. Bruno was commissioned to create Key Art for the new title alongside assets for an animated trailer. Art direction by Studio Something. The game is available now on Apple Arcade.

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