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Alex Trochut / Top 5 Most Influential Designer in the Last 20 years

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Alex Trochut’s 2016 is already shaping up to be an extraordinary year, with a whirlwind of nominations and prizes announced in the first few months alone: in January he won 2 Awards of Excellence from Communication Awards Typography Annual for his artwork for Alagoas’ new album and his self-initiated ‘GO’ typography project.

In February, he was both nominated and successfully selected as one of the top 5 of the 20 most influential designers in the last 20 years by Computer Arts Magazine. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also nominated for a Grammy for best record packaging for Alagoas – an amazing credit to the truly fantastic work he created for them.

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The spread of awards is indicative of how successful Alex is at creating art that is recognised and lauded both within and outside the industry across different creative fields, and how far he pushes our understanding of design, illustration and type.

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As Matt Howarth from Ilovedust said, ‘Technically and conceptually, his work [is] a breath of fresh air within the illustration world, single-handedly taking vector illustration to a place it [has] never been before. Bold, vibrant and technically mind-bending in its creation, his work [gives] us all a huge shot of inspiration.’

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With a great slew of new work and the launch of a brand new website, we anticipate even greater things from Alex this year as he continues to develop, reinvent and push his practice and our expectations.

Alex Trochut is represented by Début ArtScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 21.04.48



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