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Patrick Boyer for the Buxton International Festival

Dynamic and opulent designs are created by Patrick Boyer for the Buxton International Festival.

Pat worked on a new 2024 program cover, five opera promotions, and a billboard design. Having worked with the client on last year's season, he was well aligned with their aspirations for the art. The design brief was open to interpretation, and the client expressed confidence in Pat's work, stating his previous designs were "spot on." He aimed to maintain the elegance of his past achievements, while introducing alternative compositional elements for a sense of freshness.



Pat explains that the cover, his most recent artwork for the festival, reflects a summer celebration of opera, music, books, and jazz. Ties to the individual operas were welcomed, and the client gave Pat a lot of freedom for a fresh approach -


"I came up with a cover similar to last year's, tying in the elements and performers of the 2024 season, but with a more artistic approach. The individual opera designs were completed early in the season, so there wasn't much information available from the directors. For those, I researched the productions. Some operas, like Carmen, were more modern, serious, and gritty in nature, while others, like La Canterina, required something a little more comical and light."

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