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Daniel Sulzberg/The Bruery

Daniel Sulzberg works on playful packaging illustrations for The Bruery.

Daniel's job was to create a fun doughnut and stout beer box for a brewery in Orange County.

Not only did he create crazy characters for the box, but they were included on the stemware glasses too. He says, "Such a fun packaging project! They teamed up with 4 local donut shops for National Donut Day and offered these boxes to go with the donuts."

Daniel Sulzberg is represented by The Illustration

Débora Islas/Leite Moça Nestlé

To celebrate 100 years of Leite Moça Nestlé, Débora Islas creates commemorative packaging.

Leite Moça is a beloved brand among Brazilian families and the main ingredient used in most of their deserts, so its 100 year anniversary is a celebratory moment for the brand.

Débora Islas worked on twenty portraits and ten digital stickers for the campaign, representing women entrepreneurs who changed their lives by producing special deserts with the product.

The results have a  retro feel using Debora's beautiful imagery, with its warm colours and happy figures - a joyful way to celebrate a respected brand.

Nadia Flower/Diana Ross

Nadia Flower makes playful art for Diana Ross' new song 'Thank you'.

The iconic singer has released a fresh and heartfelt track called Thank You and sees Nadia's wonderful designs of youthful and vibrant doodles illustrating the track cover.

The colourful version is for general release, with the black and white version as an exclusive created especially for Amazon!

Nadia Flower is represented by IllustrationX

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