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Kim leads the way through Bright’s Heartfelt Agency

Since Kim Martin appointed us as her agent at the beginning of 2008, she has excelled through Heartfelt, being one of our most successful artists. Kim’s versatility and talent enables her to create outstanding pieces of artwork for the greetings and gift market, covering all occasions and styles. Kim’s most recent work can been seen at Noel Tatt, Paperlink and International Greetings.


Kim Martin is represented by the Bright Agency

Simon Bartram over the Moon

Everyone’s heard of Bob, The Man on the Moon, well now you can see the play inspired by Simon’s award-winning book. Written and produced by Travelling Light and Sixth Sense Theatre Company, this delightful production is being shown at venues around the UK; including, Stratford Circus Arts Centre on 1st May and London Arts Despot on 2nd May.

Simon Bartram is represented by Arena

Thomas Flintham

Thomas Flintham was asked to create an imaginative window display for Adam B, a printers near Tottenham Court Road in Central London.

He came up with this surreal landscape and characters, which he’s now developing into an animation.

Thomas Flintham is represented by Arena

Christopher Gibbs

Christopher has recently illustrated the covers for L.J. Smith’s Night of the Solstice and Heart of Valour.

Simon & Schuster commissioned him to complete the first cover with only 7 days from brief to final artwork, to coincide with the launch of the TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ based on Smith’s popular novel.

Christopher manipulates digital imagery to create multi-layered pictures, using photography and graphic symbols with rich textures, which perfectly suited the brief.

He explains: “It was a real challenge; a couple of sleepless nights, lots of digital painting and some fairy dust thrown in for good measure. The following week I completed the cover for the sequel, with about the same amount of time!”

Christopher Gibbs is represented by Arena

New Artist Joins The Organisation

A warm welcome to our latest signing, Lisa Hunt. UK based artist Lisa has recently been working as an in-house illustrator for a design agency, and joins us with a desire to expand her freelance opportunities, and with such lovely work, we think she'll do just fine! Lisa's charming work is equally suited to the children's market, as well as editorial, advertising and much much more.

Musical Soccer

EMI recently commissioned the brilliant Danny Allison to create this bold illustration for their latest CD cover.

This themed CD for the World Cup in South Africa will be distributed internationally for use in broadcasts worldwide. Danny was briefed to create a cover with an African theme but also to make it feel contemporary and original, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a roaring success!

Danny Allison is represented by Illustration Ltd

Holy Mackerel!

There’s some fishy behaviour from Masha Karpushina this month who has brought to life some characters from the sea for the Fish Free Friday branch of the Plastiki website.

Working alongside Art Director Tia Grazette on this exciting project, Masha created a total of 52 witty illustrations, each one showing a fish doing an activity as opposed to getting killed by us! Click here to check out a red fish rocking or a skate sky diving!

Masha Karpushina is represented by Illustration Ltd

Tackling pre-conceptions

Martin Hargreaves recently completed these powerful adverts for the Charity CCFD, commissioned by Euro RSCG C&O in Paris.

Martin’s illustrations help to challenge the way we look at 3rd world poverty and question our pre-conceptions, the paintings show first an African boy with the words “This is not an African pauper. This is an enterprise creator”, this is one in a series of many equally powerful adverts which are currently being featured across Paris.

Martin Hargreaves is represented by Illustration Ltd

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