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The Imperial War Museum’s new colouring book featuring over 25 beautiful hand-drawn scenes by Frances celebrates the amazing stories of how our animal friends have helped humans throughout wartime.

Did you know that over 16 million animals served during the First World War alone? 250,000 pigeons helped deliver important messages during the Second World War! Dogs’ abilities to sniff out hidden mines and to locate wounded people on the battlefield, or bombed out houses have made them invaluable during wartime. Since ancient times animals have helped humans in marvellous ways, showing their incredible bravery, strength and loyalty.



“You can’t help but be enthralled by the stories behind these heroic animals and the unbelievable situation they embarked on, managing to project their characters in simple line drawing has been a fascinating challenge,” said Frances, whose eye-catching and graphic style is perfect for this project.

This is Frances Castle’s second colouring book collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, following on from their World War Two Planes Colouring Book, published in 2023. She’s also illustrated other projects for them including their EXPLORE! A Kid’s Guide to the IWM London.

Frances Castle is represented by Arena Illustration.

Alex Vs Axel: The Impossible Quest



ALEX VS AXEL by best-selling author, Sam Copeland, showcases Dotty’s creative versatility from the stunning cover and lettering right through to the interiors which include a fabulous fantasy map.

We are so proud that Alex Vs Axel: The Impossible Quest is also Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month for May!



Alex is a normal, everyday boy living a normal, everyday city. Axel is a monster-slaying hero, living in a world of magic. Unfortunately, when the two boys mysteriously swap worlds, each of them ends up being mistaken for the other.

Alex has zero experience of heroism, he can’t even climb the rope in a gym but he is thrust into an epic quest to defeat the evil Felonius Gloam who has stolen the Book of Lifetales and is using it to unravel the very fabric of the world of Aérth.  Axel would love to be saving the world… but instead he has to win a chess tournament (when he doesn’t even know how to play) AND pass a maths test!



Can the two boys complete their Impossible Quests and fine a way back to their own lives? Dotty Sutton’s characters leap off the page using dramatic lighting to full effect. This book is a wonderfully funny adventure about family, friendship and finding your inner confidence and strength and shows the reader that heroes come in many forms.

Dotty Sutton is represented by Arena Illustration.

NILA AYE – Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names



Imaginatively illustrated by Nila Aye, Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names, published by Macmillan, celebrates her readers in this delightful new picture book, inspired by the children she has met at hundreds of book signings over the years.


Nila Aye is represented by Meiklejohn

Luiza Laffitte/Tastillery


Five alcohol themed advent calendars are handsomely illustrated by Luiza Laffitte for Tastillery.

Luiza worked with Parisian agency Millecent on the project which involved her creating packaging illustrations for calendars containing 24 taste bottles of Gin, Whisky, Rum, Scotch and World Spirits.



Luiza adds, "To represent each drink, we focused on a main theme and color, each box has a unique universe and feeling. We also focused on making something amusing, each box has a lot of fun and crazy details."

See the calendars here.


Luiza Laffitte is represented by IllustrationX 

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