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Gillian Flint is full steam ahead with illustrations for Avanti West Coast


The Marvellous Gillian Flint joined forces with Adam&EveDBB to create a series of assets for Avanti West Coast. Gillian created a charming family of tortoises taking it nice and easy, spending quality time together while rolling down the line towards their destination.




You can see more of Gillian’s work here:

Touching and celebratory illustrations from Bea Müller for Pinterest’s Pride Campaign



In recognition of Pride Month, Bea Müller’s gentle; caring illustrations celebrate the nuance and joy that Pride is all about. Perfectly pride of place on the Pinterest main page - the perfect marriage for Bea’s gorgeous art style.




You can see more of Bea’s work here:

Guillermo Flores impactful illustration for Politico Cover


Blending perfectly with Politico’s leading subject, Guillermo’s work adorns the cover of the current Politico magazine. His dynamic style, filled with his unique language of lines, shapes and colours, encourages a deeper dive into the discourse.

You can see more of Guillermo’s work here:

Mary Atwood’s delicious designs for Harrods


Bright artist Mary Atwood’s illustrations are front and centre for Harrod’s sumptuous Easter range.

Adorning the packaging of the tantalising treats, Mary’s delicate designs give us a floral and spring-inspired way to celebrate Easter.

You can see more of Mary’s work in her portfolio here:


Julia Castaño collides classic and contemporary for Corning Gorilla Glass’ company retrospective

Perfectly matching popular fashion and design, Bright Artist Julia Castaño  brings her verve and energy to Corning Gorilla Glass’ illustrated overview of their company history, as well as the science behind their beloved products.

Julia Castaño is represented by The Bright Agency

Bright Artist Andy Passchier’s artwork is a wonderful celebration for Trans Day of Visibility

Andy Passchier has collaborated with Best for You, a new patient-centred model of care for children and adolescents from the NHS to create illustrations celebrating the joy and beauty of the trans community, for Trans Day of Visibility.

You can see more of Andy Passchier’s work in their portfolio HERE


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