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Phosphor Welcomes Léon Moh-Cah


Phosphor is pleased to introduce you to Léon Moh-Cah, who they have just added to their roster of talented illustrators and artists. Léon is a French 2D animator and sketch artist, interested in the beauty of everyday life. Her practice, mixing digital and traditional techniques, uses daily observation and travels as a main source of inspiration.


New work from Oxo

Phosphor has just updated Oxo's portfolio with some fun new work. Oxo's style is playful and spontaneous and he is great at capturing a mood, whether he's illustrating crowds or single characters. Oxo is known not just for his illustrations, but comic strips, mascots, GIFs and also animations.

Find more of Oxo's work on the Phosphor website.

Rest in Peace Dave Hopkins, Phosphor


One of Phosphor's last SAA news stories sung the praises of award-winning veteran artist Dave Hopkins and invited more commissions for him. We are heartbroken to announce that Dave lost his battle with cancer on 13th August. It was so typical of Dave's professionalism, that even though he was very poorly and undergoing debilitating treatment, he was still keen to be drawing in his truly inimitable way. To the end, he maintained his proud career record of never missing a deadline or having an illustration rejected.



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