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Clinique’s Valentine’s Campaign Illustrated by Aurelia Lange


This year, Clinique commissioned Aurelia Lange to illustrate their range of products for Valentine’s Day.



Utilising her signature brushstrokes and joyful colours, Aurelia let the products sing and highlighted to perennial connection between beauty and love.



She also created a bespoke font for the work, used to feature catchy taglines. The work has been used in social media campaigns across Clinique's channels.



Aurelia Lange is represented by The Artworks

Carrie May – Shortbread House of Edinburgh



Carrie May has continued her collaboration with the Shortbread House of Edinburgh and created three new, beautifully detailed, illustrations for their 2023 Christmas collection. Carrie's eye-catching designs are a perfect fit for the luxury, handmade Scottish brand.




Carrie May is represented by Meiklejohn

Laura Greenan for the Ball Corporation

Ball Corportion ask Laura Greenanto design cans to showcase their smart contemporary properties.


Laura worked on two drinks cans that showcased both the infinite recyclability of aluminium, and also two of the client's own speciality printing techniques. In this instance they wanted to showcase HD photo printing, and their unique glow in the dark neon inks.


Her design had to include elements that would show off these printing techniques, plus carry a strong recycling and reuse message. They asked to avoid cliche images that are often used to portray things that are environmentally friendly, and requested a visually impactful and colourful design that was a celebration of the aluminium can, its recyclability, and the drink it protects.


Laura adds, "I created a couple of retro flavoured ideas that incorporated the flowing infinity symbol and different slogans to represent recyclability, and the ability of the aluminium can to keep the drink inside fresh and cool. I then sourced some appropriate HD stock photography to complement the design and create some interesting and colourful compositions."

Laura Greenan is represented by IllustrationX

Airship Coffee – Rebrand – Emile


Emile was commissioned to create a series of characters and full branding for Airship Coffee.The campaign runs across all media, packaging and branding to promote Airship.





More of Emile’s work can be view here -


Lucy Davey Illustrates the Waitrose 2023 Christmas Gift Collection



Earlier this year, Waitrose commissioned Lucy Davey to illustrate 2023’s Christmas gift collection. With an unusual combination of blue and red, the landscapes Lucy has created feel homely with a sprinkle of childhood Christmas magic we’re all looking for.



The work has been used across the range, including a 3D illuminating Winter Village Chocolate Box and a musical cookie tin.



Lucy Davey is represented by The Artworks

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