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Carole Verbyst – Connected Places Magazine/Report


Carole Verbyst was delighted to be commissioned by the brilliant Mr B & Friends to work on issue 3 of Connected Places Magazine. The magazine features Carole's classic vector montages though-out the the document. Carole worked closely with the designers and client directly to hone the imagery content for each specific section.


Débora Islas for Rolling Stone Magazine

An alluring portrait illustration from the hands of Débora Islas is commissioned by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Featured in the Rolling Stone reviews section, Débora's seductive and beautifully crafted artwork is of Colombian-American singer-songwriter Kali Uchis.

The magazine reviews the musician's new Latino album, one which is entirely in Spanish and is inspired by the timeless, mysterious, mystical, striking, graceful and sensual allure of the orchid.

Débora Islas is represented by IllustrationX

Katharine Asher for The Radio Times

Katharine Asher is honoured to illustrate an iconic fashion 'look' on the cover of Radio Times.

"This is the job of my dreams", says Katharine, tasked with creating an illustration of the 1947 'New Look,' and employing the bold black and white lines characteristic of the renowned illustrator René Gruau.

The assignment required exploring both retro and contemporary approaches to Dior's classic design, which involved initial sketches, and additionally, the exciting opportunity to craft the title text in a freehand brush and ink style.

Katharine explains, "As a creative team we went from initial  sketches to finished cover in just two days, the speed of decisions and response was exhilarating and the result quite dynamic - as was the collaborative intention. This Radio Times cover was created to publicise the historical story behind fashion's fiercest rivalry, between Dior and Chanel - a story of corsets, couture and Nazi collaborations. When Christian Dior shocked the world with his New Look collection, of which this look is considered the most iconic, he was expressing a desire for beauty and extravagance after the horror of war. A new drama on Apple TV this week tells the story of Dior as seen through the prism of wartime Paris and Dior's rivalry with Coco Chanel."

Katharine received some affirming comments from the art director -


'I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic illustrated cover, it really did knock the socks off not just me but everyone who saw it , the editors were really wowed by all you did, the images were beautifully drawn with loads of poses and attitude  – the final image is really impactful, and your additional typography only added to it.' Jacob Howard - Radio Times.

Katherine Asher is represented by IllustrationX

Caroline Bogo x Stylist Magazine on Priscilla film


Caroline Bogo’s artwork in her soft, decorative and narrative signature style was used to depict the iconic king of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and Priscilla his wife for Stylist Magazine, in partnership with @mubiuk for the movie Priscilla, article titled ‘A love letter to Sofia Coppola - why we’re still obsessed with the Priscilla director’.


Caroline Bogo is represented by Lipstick of London

Mark Long – World Cup ’23 Poster


Mark Long is a football fanatic and at every big tournament he produces a teams poster so you can follow progress - this is available for purchase - see our home page for a link - come on Lionesses!



Mark also does the men's team and various other sports too.

Mark Long is represented by NB Illustration

Rotary International Magazine/Rachel Winter

Rachel Winter's art pays homage to a cherished tradition of a native New Zealand tribe.

Commissioned by Rotary International Magazine, the illustrated article talks about Boil-Up, a soup and shared experience from the Rangitāne tribe of the Awapuni area in New Zealand.

With its lively patterns and a composition that beautifully captures the spirit of togetherness, Rachel's colourful piece invites readers into an upbeat and inviting atmosphere.

Rachel Winter is represented by IllustrationX

Juliette Toma for Rebel Girls Rock: 25 Tales of Women in Music.

Icelandic sensation Bjork is illustrated by Juliette Toma for Rebel Girls Rock: 25 Tales of Women in Music.

The new and popular Rebel Girl's series now has the addition of a book on musical icons; inspirational women who have achieved success in this alluring industry, as a singer, songwriter or instrumentalist.

Juliette's portrait of Bjork is an electrifying illustration, with a spot-on likeness and animated composition.

The publisher says, Belt out pop anthems with Lizzo, bang on the drums with Nandi Bushell, and write country hits with Dolly Parton. The women in this book come from all around the world. They play different instruments, experiment with new sounds, and stand out in their genres. But one thing is true of them all: They rock!

More info on the book here.

Juliette Toma is represented by IllustrationX

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