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Ing Lee – The Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos

Ing Lee is thrilled to be commissioned to develop the visual identity for FIQ-BH 2024 in Brazil. The Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos is recognised as one of the largest and most influential comics events in Latin America, FIQ celebrates the art of comics by encouraging reading and inspiring new talent.


Angelo Rinaldi


Angelo Rinaldi has long been associated with fabulous realistic figurative artworks in publishing, theatre posters, advertising and book covers.



He has recently produced this stunning image for the just revealed  book cover for Penguin Books.  This is the latest in the  the series of mash up stories for the  BBC’s Dr Who titles and series.

This cover for the BBC is DR Who in Wonderland which now  accompanies a number of other covers from that series that Angelo has produced for Penguin’s Children’s Publishers.

Designer: James Evans

For more of Angelo’s fabulous images - please go to the Artist Partners website:

Angelo Rinaldi | Illustrator | Artist Partners

Steve Stone

Steve Stone has  proudly been represented by Artist Partners for  over three decades, and in that time has become a master in his own right of fantasy, science fiction, and all other worldly subject matter. Highly realistic images and  still life, and mind blowing imaginative,  and cinematic imagery.

Steve’s images have adorned many of the worlds best selling book covers by authors  : Stephen King, Wilbur Smith , Neal Asher, Steven Erikson,  David Baldacci, Clive Cussler And  Ian C. Esslemont to name just a few.

Steve’s art has also been commissioned for album covers, film posters, and high end advertising campaigns for games companies etc worldwide.

We are delighted to reveal some of steve’s recent works on our Artist Partners website, with a brand new update of images to reveal Steve’s huge talents in the genres listed above.

To view more of Steve's fabulous images please go to the website. Steve Stone | Artist | Artist Partners

The return of Peter Grundy AKA Grundini


We're very pleased to announce the return of Peter Grundy AKA Grundini to Début Art. Peter has been shaping visual narratives for four decades. As a pioneer of infographics, he has developed a remarkable ability to communicate complex messages with visual simplicity.



Notable clients; Shell International, Harvard University, The Guardian, PayPal Business, Happify Health and American Academy of Neurology, The V&A, Times Newspapers and Reader’s Digest.



More of Grundini’s work can be view here -

D-Day 80 – Royal British Legion Magazine – Helen Friel.


Helen Friel was commissioned to create the cover for Royal British Legion’s magazine to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The image is a physical build made of several layers that feature the planes, tanks and ships that featured in the historic event.



More of Helen’s work can be view here -




The Imperial War Museum’s new colouring book featuring over 25 beautiful hand-drawn scenes by Frances celebrates the amazing stories of how our animal friends have helped humans throughout wartime.

Did you know that over 16 million animals served during the First World War alone? 250,000 pigeons helped deliver important messages during the Second World War! Dogs’ abilities to sniff out hidden mines and to locate wounded people on the battlefield, or bombed out houses have made them invaluable during wartime. Since ancient times animals have helped humans in marvellous ways, showing their incredible bravery, strength and loyalty.



“You can’t help but be enthralled by the stories behind these heroic animals and the unbelievable situation they embarked on, managing to project their characters in simple line drawing has been a fascinating challenge,” said Frances, whose eye-catching and graphic style is perfect for this project.

This is Frances Castle’s second colouring book collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, following on from their World War Two Planes Colouring Book, published in 2023. She’s also illustrated other projects for them including their EXPLORE! A Kid’s Guide to the IWM London.

Frances Castle is represented by Arena Illustration.

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