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Hitandrun / A Magical Moment for Barron’s Magazine

Dow Jones publication Barron’s Magazine commissioned CGI artist Hitandrun to create a cover-worthy illustration for a story about Disney’s battleground stock and why the “magic” might be returning to the stock.

Art Director Lynne Carty came to Hitandrun with an idea in mind—a 3D render of Disneyland’s famous Mickey statue coming back to life ala fairy dust. Hitandrun reviewed classic Disney magic samples from over the years—Fairy Godmother transforming Cinderella’s dress, Pinocchio becoming a real boy, etc-- to get the look just right. For the interior image, Hitandrun was tasked with showing other notable Disney characters from notable brands within in the company like Marvel and Star Wars as a nod to the company as a whole, and reminder of the scale of Disney. Together, the images create a fun and hopeful vibe for a story encouraging readers to consider re-investing in the company’s stock.


More of Hitandrun’s work can be viewed here:




Adam is a regular contributor to Monocle Magazine was launched in 2007 briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more.



The first three images shown are for Monocle Magazine , the forth for Courier Magazine and the last two for activity sheets for the Hyde Park Picture House.




Adam Allsuch Boardman is represented by NB Illustration

Rosie McGuinness x Style & Substance

Why what we wear matters edited by Bay Garnett

Rosie developed the cover illustration, endpapers, and chapter headers for the new fashion bible.


"Mixing thoughtful, original, and contemporary pieces with trailblazers from the past, this is a gloriously eclectic celebration of self-expression"


Rosie McGuiness is represented by Lipstick of London

Steve Stone Mag Cover

An incredible new logo designed by the dark master, Steve Stone. 

Created for 'Gothic Culture Magazine'. A beautiful banshee, awakening goths all over the world with her harrowing screams. Steve's talent for character design is simply incredible, no one can do it like Steve Stone. We love it!


For more of his work please go to the Artist Partners website : Steve Stone | Artist | Artist Partners-

Season for Victory/Observer Food Monthly Magazine

Observer Food Monthly Magazine features an impressive cover by Season of Victory.

The latest edition of the magazine is a Summer-themed issue, highlighting 'The 67 Best Places to Eat in the Sunshine'.

Season of Victory designed the cover and editorial illustrations, along with coordinating animated Giphy stickers for social media. The artwork captures the essence of the season, featuring a deck chair, a pint and cocktail, a picturesque British beach, charming beach huts, delectable burgers and hotdogs, classic fish & chips, refreshing seafood, summer fruits, lively seagulls, and an iconic ice cream van.

Season of Victory is represented by IllustrationX

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