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Tyla Launch with Anjelica


Anjelica Roselyn created a mural for singer-songwriter sensation Tyla’s album launch in London. The pop-up features Anjelica’s signature bold use of colour and the female form, with playful blues and purples incorporated into the window design.


Anjelica Roselyn is represented by Lipstick of London


Katharine Asher for The Radio Times

Katharine Asher is honoured to illustrate an iconic fashion 'look' on the cover of Radio Times.

"This is the job of my dreams", says Katharine, tasked with creating an illustration of the 1947 'New Look,' and employing the bold black and white lines characteristic of the renowned illustrator René Gruau.

The assignment required exploring both retro and contemporary approaches to Dior's classic design, which involved initial sketches, and additionally, the exciting opportunity to craft the title text in a freehand brush and ink style.

Katharine explains, "As a creative team we went from initial  sketches to finished cover in just two days, the speed of decisions and response was exhilarating and the result quite dynamic - as was the collaborative intention. This Radio Times cover was created to publicise the historical story behind fashion's fiercest rivalry, between Dior and Chanel - a story of corsets, couture and Nazi collaborations. When Christian Dior shocked the world with his New Look collection, of which this look is considered the most iconic, he was expressing a desire for beauty and extravagance after the horror of war. A new drama on Apple TV this week tells the story of Dior as seen through the prism of wartime Paris and Dior's rivalry with Coco Chanel."

Katharine received some affirming comments from the art director -


'I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic illustrated cover, it really did knock the socks off not just me but everyone who saw it , the editors were really wowed by all you did, the images were beautifully drawn with loads of poses and attitude  – the final image is really impactful, and your additional typography only added to it.' Jacob Howard - Radio Times.

Katherine Asher is represented by IllustrationX

Lisa McGuinness



Focusing on another local artist, Artist Partners have also enlisted - the brilliantly talented Lisa McGuinness.

We think her lovely realistic paintings of real characters,  are  just perfect for the YA marketplace -

Lisa  has spent most of her career as a designer working in fashion and shoe design, taking her all over the world.

Her beautiful work is expressive and stylish - her love of commercial fashion means she’s able to use her art translating it into magazine covers, advertising and branding. 

For more of Lisa’s fabulous work check it out on our website: Lisa McGuinness - Artist Partners

New Talent Show Stopper – Beth Fraser


Beth's work is a testament to how fashion illustration and abstract art can blend together, creating unique and bold results. Her artworks have been exhibited at Christie's auction house as well as the RA's Summer Exhibition, leading Harper's Bazaar magazine to name Beth as one of their 'High Profile: Female Artists to watch .


Beth Fraser is represented by Lipstick of London

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