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Araña and Spider-Man 2099/Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor's cover for a new Spiderman novel featuring Latinx characters gets a fantastic response.

Working with Marvel and Disney Publishing Worldwide, Carolina was delighted to create a cover illustration for Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow.

The novel is written by Alex Segura and features Anya Corazón - also known as Araña who goes on a new adventure that puts her in the future, causing her to team up with Spider-Man 2099 and, billionaire CEO Miguel O’Hara.

"Words cannot describe how I felt working on this cover and giving life to these iconic Latin characters," says Carolina, "It's such a dream and proud moment getting to illustrate the journey of two of the Latin heroes in the marvel universe in this new novel written by no other than the legend Alex Segura".

Araña and Spider-Man 2099 goes on sale May 2023 and is available for pre order.

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor is represented by IllustrationX


Kiehl’s Loves X Linda Baritski

The London-based illustrator Linda Baritski – AKA Season of Victory – has recently completed a seven-month collaboration with the global skincare giant Kiehl’s. Graphic, colourful and eclectic, her illustrations are being rolled out at 48 Kiehl’s locations around the world, capturing the unique character of each outlet from China to Guatemala and from Britain to Japan.


Luiza Laffitte/Tastillery


Five alcohol themed advent calendars are handsomely illustrated by Luiza Laffitte for Tastillery.

Luiza worked with Parisian agency Millecent on the project which involved her creating packaging illustrations for calendars containing 24 taste bottles of Gin, Whisky, Rum, Scotch and World Spirits.



Luiza adds, "To represent each drink, we focused on a main theme and color, each box has a unique universe and feeling. We also focused on making something amusing, each box has a lot of fun and crazy details."

See the calendars here.


Luiza Laffitte is represented by IllustrationX 

September 2022

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