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Cutting edge animation by Chris Garbutt gets the green light from Netflix

In the wake of the hugely successful Netflix series Pinky Malinky comes a brand-new animation  by  Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjoern. We Lost Our Human!, combines the very best in 2D animation, comedy and interactivity, following a cat named Pud and a loving hyperactive dog named Ham. With its psychedelic colour pallet and striking characterisations this is set to reignite the cartoon heyday of the 90’s and generate some brand-new fanatical followers.

Ham (a pooch) and Pud (a cat) are shocked to wake up one day to find their human (and ALL other humans) have completely disappeared from planet Earth. In a bonkers turn of events viewers of this special cutting-edge animation format will be able to move through the show from the perspective of either Ham or Pud with differing story outcomes depending on which character is chosen.

"We got to explore their many parallel and interwoven paths, which resulted in our story room becoming a complex web of post-it notes, push pins and string. Quite a dizzying sight for anyone witnessing one of our story pitches." – Chris Garbutt

We can’t wait to share more of this amazing project with you in the coming weeks.

Chris Garbutt is represented by Arena Illustration

Steve Stone

Steve Stone has been represented by Artist Partners for many years and has gathered a huge fanbase and following over those years, his fabulous artwork has adorned many book covers, film posters, and album covers both here in the UK and the US.

His spectacular and epic artwork is appreciated by many art directors and designers , and he has been commissioned to produce covers for the best of authors including Stephen King , Arthur C Clarke, Wilbur Smith, Neal Asher and many many more.

We have just updated his portfolio with some new and  stunning images - please go  and check it out Steve Stone | Artist | Artist Partners

February 2021

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