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Phosphor Meets Mother

Phosphor had a wonderful time at Mother in Shoreditch this month, showing work by their illustrators in folios and on laptops. "It was great to chat to creatives face to face again", said agent Trina.

If you'd like to book in an agency visit from Phosphor, get in touch via their website and be dazzled by illustrations and animations from some of the world's most talented creatives.

Chris Wormell illustrates stamps celebrating brewing on Jersey.

Chris Wormell has been commissioned by Jersey Post to design a set of six stamps and related material celebrating the brewing on Jersey and more specifically, St Anne’s Brewery. Chris has illustrated the various stages of the brewing process in his instantly recognisable style, approaching the images with the same craft and care as the brewers on jersey approach their beer!

“The challenge was to come up with six interesting images. Ingredients could look nice, a pint of beer always looks nice! But the in between bit (the inside of a modern brewery) is basically lots of pipes and tanks. Not hugely aesthetic. I worked with Rebekah Matheson at Jersey Post and together we came up with the content of each of the images, and though I wasn’t sure how successful they’d be, I think they work really well as stamps.”

The images were made using what Chris calls “a digital version of lino cutting”; scanning printed coloured layers into photoshop and cutting into them with variously modified eraser tools.


“Stamps are always great to work on!”

Chris Wormell is represented by The Artworks

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