The SAA are very pleased to be supporting the World Illustration Awards by sponsoring The SAA Agents Award for New Talent.

Joelle’s book ‘Smelly Peter’ has just won The Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2009!

It started in 1988 to encourage children to read and to highlight the best children’s books published each year. The first year only 6 local schools took part but this year a total of 202 groups were involved. It’s an event for children voted for by children.

‘Peter is different – he only ever eats peas. And they make him rather smelly! Then one day he turns completely green. . . he is spotted by some aliens from outer space, who think he looks wonderful! So they whisk him away to make him their king…’

Joelle is represented by the Bright Agency and you can see more of her owrk here

Stunning Canadian Mural

One of our talented artists, Laure Fournier, has recently returned from a trip to Canada, where she took part in the mammoth task of painting this incredible fresco, with the society, Murale Création, who are based in Quebec. It tells the story of the city of Trois-Rivières and took countless woman hours to finish. It now provides a wonderful lasting legacy for the city and a great achievement for our own little Michelangelo! Well done Laure!

Laure is represented by the Organisation. You can see more of her work here

Pastiche for a Belgium ale

Phosphor Art’s Pastiche artist has just completed a series of illustrations promoting Blue Moon,  a boutique Belgium ale. The oriental style brought into play a range of techniques including watercolour, airbrush and digital retouching.

See more of Pastiche's work here

Lizzie Cullen At Zizzi Tunbridge Wells

Lizzie Cullen has scored a hit again with her latest painting for Zizzi Tunbridge Wells. Changing the look slightly, the linear style is still present but she has gone for a period character as the focus of the illustration, in keeping with this historical town.

More are planned for next year so Lizzie will be kept extremely busy! 

Lizzie is represented by Phosphor ARt and you can see more of her work here

Jeff Wack is speeding up!!

Jeff Wack has created this brilliant poster for the Driven Agency to celebrate the exhibition of the Bloodhound SCC car at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The Supersonic Bloodhound is designed to reach speeds of over 1000mph!

Open Jeff's portfolio here

Jeff is represented by Debut Art

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