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Edgy Fashion Style

Keep your eyes peeled this month for this gorgeous image completed by Miminne as a series of four illustrations for Company Magazine.

Miminne who has recently joined Illustration Ltd, was the ideal choice with her edgy fashion style. She created these images to run alongside a four page feature of short stories written by celebrities.

Tallon Brightens Next

Ben Tallon once again wows us with his raw and urban illustrations.

This time he turns his talented hand at brightening up the High Street with this image, it's one of two which are currently gracing the walls of the new Next Store recently opened on Bond Street. These bold images will soon be used in various stores across the country.

Ben Tallon is represented by Illustration Ltd

Tromp L’Oeil Corkscrews

This is the inspired result from wildlife artist Andrew Hutchinson having been commissioned to paint panelled doors for "The Feathered Nest", in Nether Westcote.

The country pub took a unique approach in giving their establishment a hint of antique authenticity, Andrew painted tromp l'oeil corkscrews onto the doors, as if they were hanging on nails. It was an unusual commission that Andrew greatly enjoyed and one that enabled him to use a collection of antique corkscrews he had in his possession!

Andrew Hutchinson is represented by Illustration Ltd

Frances Castle – HMS Belfast

Frances Castle was commissioned by design agency NB: Studio to produce artwork for a year long ad campaign for HMS Belfast to be used on Underground posters, leaflets, on-site display adverts, e-flyers and print adverts.
The concept of the project was to reveal the many levels of fun to be had onboard HMS Belfast and to highlight some of the more quirky facts about life below deck. The poster had to appeal to children and families and incorporate actual photographs from the site, as well as the ship itself.
Frances Castle is represented by Arena

StoryWorlds Exhibition

Tomislav Tomic and Philip Hood have also some beautiful artwork for Templar's 'StoryWorld' series. For the first time their work will be showcased alongside the other contributors to the series including Matilda Harrison's illustrations, at The Illustration Cupboard's Summer Show. Running from Tuesday 17th August to Saturday 11th September, the show offers both fans and newcomers the opportunity to explore the ornate and detailed artwork from this series.

Philip Hood and Tomislav Tomic are represented by Arena

Matilda Harrison at The Illustration Cupboard

Matilda Harrison's stunning illustration 'The Toymaker' features in The Illustration Cupboard's forthcoming Summer Show from Tuesday 17th August to Saturday 11th September. Her work will be showcased alongside the other leading artists featured in the best-selling 'StoryWorld' card series published by Templar.

Matilda is represented by Arena

See more of her work here

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