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M&S engages with consumers through Bright Represents artists!

Bright Represents has some really exciting news!
For the last few weeks Bright Represents (the advertising and branding arm to the Bright Group) has been working with Marks and Spencer via the Social Media Agency, Profero, to celebrate children's illustration.
Bright constantly works to market and promote our talented bunch of illustrators to a variety of creative industries , so when we heard a whisper from M&S that they wanted to engage with the the parent's of the UK's Children through Twitter, we could not help but get ourselves involved.
As a result, we are proud to say that five out of six of Marks and Spencers, "Favourite British Children's Book Illustrators" are Bright's . We are chuffed!

Ben Mantle

Children's book illustrator Ben Mantle was born in Leamington Spa in 1980. He studied animation at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design before lending his magic to Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride'.

He was also part of the animation team that created the BAFTA winning 'Big and Small' CBeebies website.

Since 2008, Ben has worked as a children's book illustrator from his studio in Brighton. His work has appeared in such publications as 'Callum's Incredible Construction Kit', which won the Bishop's Stortford Picture Book Prize 2013.

London-based Yasmeen Ismail is an award-winning author, illustrator and animator. She studied at art school in Dublin, graduating in 2002, before lending her talents to many different projects, ranging from advertising to children's books.

Yasmeen had her first children's picture book, 'Time for Bed, Fred!', published by Bloomsbury in July 2013.

She is awaiting the release of her second book, which will be published by Random House, and is already working on her third, fourth and fifth books.

Sue Hendra

Sue Hendra's love of children's books and illustrating began at a young age, when she crafted her own story books for her friends. This passion remained with her into adulthood, and so she studied illustration at Brighton University.

Having secured work with Bloomsbury upon graduating, she has since written and illustrated books for Hodder & Stoughton, Simon & Schuster, and Random House amongst others.

Her book 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' sold 70,000 copies in the first three months. Channel 5 have also commissioned an animated series for their Milkshake children's programme based on her book 'Wanda and the Alien'.

Clive McFarland

 Author and illustrator Clive McFarland has loved drawing pictures and writing stories since a young age. Hailing from Northern Ireland, he made the move to England to study graphic arts at Liverpool School of Art and Design.

After rediscovering picture books from his childhood, he realised his love of children's literature and began creating his own stories and illustrations.

Clive currently lives and works in Northern Ireland. His illustrations of friendly monsters and wildlife are inspired by the natural landscape that surrounds him. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut self-penned picture book and has begun work on his second.

Mark Chambers

Hailing from rural Lincolnshire, Mark's initial ambitions ranged from being a golfer to master Lego builder. When he found that his skills were more suited to professional doodling, he pursued a degree in illustration, graduating from Lincoln University.

Mark's mischievous illustrations have been used by publishers such as Templar, Little Tiger Press and Random House. He is the illustrator of the popular 'Stinky & Jinks' children's books.

He also illustrated Animal Adventure at London Zoo, the popular children's zoo area. This has lead to further work for the London Zoo book range, published by Bloomsbury.

You can view the #tellingTales winners plus the prized illustration here.
Please drop us a line or give us a call, should you like to discuss any of our Bright Creatives and what they could do for you!

New Startworks artist Jade Wall

The Artworks are very excited to welcome this years new Startworks artist, Jade Wall. Jade graduated this summer with a first class degree from Cumbria Institute of the Arts.  Having spotted her at New Blood we were immediately drawn to Jade's energy and vibrancy in her work and expression of colour and line. We can’t wait to see more of her wonderful work!

Jade Wall is represented by the Artworks



Lindsey Spinks New York Commission For Drakes Food

The fantastic Lindsey Spinks has been a busy bee once again! Here is one of her latest pieces, commissioned by American Snack Company Drakes as part of their brand re-launch. It is to be displayed on a moving trailer as part of a moving art exhibition around New York City.

Lindsey Spinks is represented by the Artworks



Kristyna Litten: Just Published: Pigeon Pie, Oh My!

Illustrated by Kristyna Litten, Pigeon Pie, Oh My!  is a great cause-and-effect story with lots of visual clues throughout the narrative and teaches the reader that even if you're little, you can make yourself count.

Down on Budd Farm, the naughty goat causes havoc, and eats the scarecrow’s clothes, leaving the pigeons to steal the corn in the farmers field but the other farmyard animals have a clever plan to save the crop. This fun picture book about working together, written by Debbie Singleton, is published by Oxford University Press this month.

Kristyna has brought life and humour to the farmyard characters, giving this story warmth and style with her limited colour palette and attention to detail.


Kristyna Litten is represented by Arena



Just Published: Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

Adam Stower's new picture book Troll and the Oliver is published this month by Templar. Adam has created a visual treat with a gorgeous blue troll at the heart of his hilarious story. Troll is very hungry, and every day he tries to eat Oliver on his way to the shops. But catching Oliver is not as easy as it looks…

Adam has created wonderful expression with Troll's wayward eyebrows and big toothed grin and he also captures Oliver's personality beautifully as he skips through the book taunting Troll with his basket of goodies.

Don't just believe us, book & media blog: "Read It, Daddy!" love it too, here's what they think:

"As monster books go this is pretty much perfect. It sets its cards on the table early on, then gathers them in one by one in such a manner that you will reach the end, flip the book back to page one and begin all over again. Troll and Oliver are brilliant characters (you really will not like Oliver at first, but bear with, bear with!) and like all clever ideas for children's stories, it's such a simple premise but beautifully executed. We just could not get enough of it."
Adam is represented by Arena

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