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Adam Stower’s Troll and the Oliver at Cartoon Forum 2015


Arena is very excited that another of our talented artist's, Adam Stower, was also at this year's Cartoon Forum. The trailer forTroll and the Oliver, based on Adam's picture book was pitched to the group of broadcasters as a special, one-off 26 minute animation by Grid Animation in Belgium, in collaboration with Zooper Film and Tinker Labs. Aimed at 6 to 8 year old children, the TV special will be a 3D computer animation.


Just Published: Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

Adam Stower's new picture book Troll and the Oliver is published this month by Templar. Adam has created a visual treat with a gorgeous blue troll at the heart of his hilarious story. Troll is very hungry, and every day he tries to eat Oliver on his way to the shops. But catching Oliver is not as easy as it looks…

Adam has created wonderful expression with Troll's wayward eyebrows and big toothed grin and he also captures Oliver's personality beautifully as he skips through the book taunting Troll with his basket of goodies.

Don't just believe us, book & media blog: "Read It, Daddy!" love it too, here's what they think:

"As monster books go this is pretty much perfect. It sets its cards on the table early on, then gathers them in one by one in such a manner that you will reach the end, flip the book back to page one and begin all over again. Troll and Oliver are brilliant characters (you really will not like Oliver at first, but bear with, bear with!) and like all clever ideas for children's stories, it's such a simple premise but beautifully executed. We just could not get enough of it."
Adam is represented by Arena

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