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Brian Sanders

Appearing in the current issue of Illustrators Quarterly  you will find twenty two glorious full colour pages of images and an informative written piece  by Bryn Havord on the work of the legendary illustrator Brian Sanders- one of Britain's foremost illustrators and proudly  represented by Artist Partners.
The article depicts various wonderful images that Brian has created over the past five decades of his career.
Brian Sanders not only an extremely talented  illustrator, but he was also very instrumental within his role at Artist Partners not only to be represented by them, but also  representing the artists interests  within the agency  with integrity. Brian  Sanders was  also very instrumental in the creation of the Association of Illustrators.
This article is not to be missed !
Brian Sanders talks about his role as an illustrator and his career over the years, and not surprisingly his skills are very much in demand now !  In particular an  early illustration that  Brian created and produced in a Women's magazine in the 60's,  was in fact  the total inspiration for the creator of the highly successful TV series Mad Men, and Brian was located and commissioned to produce  the poster that launched the Man Men Series last season.
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5650788443_d4167563dd_o Illustrators5Cover.jpg Mad_Men_Season_6_poster-490x743

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