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Alex Trochut – Think Twice Exhibition at Collette Paris, May 5th to June 7th of 2014.

Alex Trochut is currently exhibiting his latest binary prints exhibition: ‘Think Twice’ at Collette in Paris. Alex invented (and patented) a process through which two completely separate images could be shown on one surface–one which appears in light, and one which appears only in the dark. This glow in the dark wall installation explores dual transformations of multiple subjects, depending on how we perceive them, either from day light or in the dark.

Alex Trochut is represented by Debut Art

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Alison Jay in Tokyo

This month we are extremely excited to announce a brand new exhibition opening in Tokyo, featuring the wonderful work of Alison Jay. The world famous Japanese artist, animator and director, Hayao Miyazaki, responsible for acclaimed animated films such as 'Spirited Away', invited her to contribute her stunning work to the Ghibli Museum's new exhibit based on the story of The Nutcracker. He has admired her work for a long time, and upon seeing her version on The Nutcracker,  published by Templar, he simply had to collaborate with her - what an honour! Her work will be showcased in its own room in the exhibition, dedicated to introducing children to the classic tale. Curated by Miyazaki himself, and in collaboration with the Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation, this is a must see exhibit and runs from 31st  May 2014 to May 2015. More information regarding the exhibit can be found here:

Alison Jay is represented by The Organisation

the organisation

Kristyna Litten: Character designs for Aardman Animations

Kristyna Litten's delightful penguin character features in Aardman's recent animated ad for iglü mouth ulcer gel ordered through agency Bray Leino. The gel works by forming a shelter over mouth ulcers and sticks in place to soothe the pain and help it heal. Aardman Animations used a simple 2D drawn animation to tell the story of a penguin whose whole world is thrown out of kilter. Kristyna worked closely with director Steve Harding-Hill to develop this very cute but hapless penguin.

Check out the video on Bray Leino's page on You Tube

Kristyna Litten is represented by Arena



Just Published: Simon Bartram’s Up For The Cup

A story for complete and utter football nutters everywhere, Up For The Cup, by Simon Bartram is published by Templar this month. Simon's long awaited tale about his favourite subject - FOOTBALL, follows the tale of a dedicated football fan who's team have made it all the way to the cup final against the odds.

Simon Bartram is represented by Arena

arena-illustration_simon-bartram_up-for-the-cup arena-illustration_simon-bartram_up-for-the_cupseaburn-city

Aleksei Bitskoff: Introducing Pigby and Friends for NatWest

The very talented Aleksei Bitskoff (represented by Arena) is responsible for designing NatWest's new piggy characters, Pigby and Friends for the launch of their children's savings account. NatWest ran a competition for kids to design a piggy bank, the winner was 13 year old Kwamina Longdon and, with the help from the folks at Aardman Animations, Aleksei was asked to base his characters on Kwamina's drawing and develop them further to include a fashionista pig, a skater dude, an artistic pig, a nerdy one and a sporty one, along with Pigby "the little helper" who loves saving money.



Thriving Family Magazine commission Gail Armstrong to illustrate an article on resurrection.

With the issue published before Easter, the magazine asked Gail to work on two images to go with the feature 'Alive'. First was the piece on the title page focussing on the six stages in the life cycle of a butterfly, Gail wanted to make this a beautiful and elegant image; illustrative rather than diagrammatic. Gail explains "One of the issues with visually describing the life cycle, is the huge differences in scale between the egg on the leaf and the very dramatic butterfly. However, I wanted the image to flow as one piece, rather than magnify a section or separate the stages into 6 individual spot illustrations. My solution was to use the paper of the page to lift and form a stem and leaves on which of the 6 stages are displayed. By using a bright palette of custom-made marbled papers for the various stages and keeping everything else in white, the individual stages can be clearly read. The second image was to come at the end of the article and the client required a more "traditional resurrection image”, of the sun rising behind 3 crosses on a hill. Knowing where the text would sit, I placed the clouds so that they again seem to be forming from the paper of the page with the hill extending across the double page spread, utilising as much of the available image area as possible and giving the image a stronger presence on the page."

Gail Armstrong is represented by Illustration

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