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Chris Moore for The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

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A new museum dedicated to the art of storytelling, funded by legendary Star Wars director, George Lucas, is to be built in Chicago and planned to be completed in 2018.

We are extremely proud to learn that artwork from Chris Moore is one of the first to be selected to exhibit.

Chris is a world-renowned commercial illustrator specialising in sci-fi illustration and the piece chosen by the Lucas Museum was painted for Philip K. Dick’s classic novel “Ubik”. It fits beautifully in the catalogue of images that have so far been revealed on their website.

Artwork by two more artists that we have represented; Gino D’Achille and Kurt Ard are also displayed. What a true testament to the calibre of work produced by our wonderful artists!

It is definitely worth a visit to the website to see such a remarkable collection of artwork, to read the biographies of Chris Moore, Gino D’Achille and Kurt Ard and to keep in the loop with this developing project. Proudly represented by Artist Partners - for more  wonderful work please go to our website ..

Chris Moore is represented by Artist Partners

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