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Will Broome’s Frankie and Dorris goes to Kidscreen

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Will Broome's Frankie and Dorris featured on the front cover of Kidscreen magazine. 

Will and the co created Ann Riley are going to Toulouse for the 2015 Cartoon Forum

Here's some words from Will himself:

"Making a cartoon has been a long held ambition of mine….and (I think) I am getting quite close to achieving that ambition…

Frankie & Doris is going to be a cartoon series. It is the story of the adventures two friends, actually two BEST friends. Neither Frankie nor Doris have ever had a friend before….let alone a BEST friend. Mind you, Doris doesn’t have any skin and Frankie is green….so they don’t fit in to begin with really. They get up to all kinds of adventures, usually thanks to Doris… watch this space.

It’s VERY funny, even if I say so myself.

This project has had the longest gestation period of any project I have EVER worked on. It began in 2012 when I met writer Ann Riley at a party, all the best things in life begin with a chance meetings at a party don’t they? "

Will Broome is represented by Lipstick Illustration

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