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Bright Artist of the Month – Julia Patton!


The Bright Group was built on the belief that there is more to illustration than artists just turning over a profit from pretty pictures. It is important for us that our artists engage their love of art on both a professional and creative level – understanding that it is necessary for a good creative attitude and rooted love of illustration to carry great artwork and a truly pleasurable and happy career.

‘I have found that over 12 years of managing artists those with a great attitude go far. A long and successful career in Illustration is as much building relationships as it is talent, and illustrators that master both tend to take off faster and fly higher.

I have seen this from Mark Chambers, Charlie Alder and Sue Hendra, plus many others; the ability to take a brief, work together with and respect editors, designers and publishers, adding value and listening to one another and sharing ideas are hallmarks traits of those who greatly develop their craft to stratestferic heights. And with my yoga, mindfulness hat on – I find people are much happier, more fulfilled with deep and respected long term relationships being enjoyed, when they approach life with a great attitude.

Therefore we have decided to acknowledge some of the finest attitudes and celebrate some of our wonderful artists who are standing out not only with great work, but with a great work ethic and creative attitude - or as our Julia Patton aptly puts it “embracing their inner flitter”…’

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht – MD and Founder

Therefore we can proudly announce that The Bright Group’s very first ‘Artist of the Month Award’ goes to Julia Patton!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 16.10.08

Her care, attention and dedication to development has really shone through this month and her fantastic professional attitude has been noted by many. Julia’s work has blossomed in both Publishing and Art Licensing and this has only been possible through her agreeable personality and unchanging devotion to her creative career.


Lucie Luddington, Bright Educational Agent : ‘Julia is dedicated, professional, always a joy to work with and her art work has gone from strength to strength!’


Julia Patton is represented by The Bright Group


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