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Alexa Grace Coe. ‘Paradoxical Undressing’


As a result of Alexa's final MA course show, comes the incredibly powerful animation - 'Paradoxical Undressing'


'Paradoxical Undressing' is symbolic of the  over-consumption of images rather than acting against the messages it in facts increases the development of  further habits and beliefs. Imagery can be a both source of fantasy/pleasure and scrutiny/ violence. Both compliant and deviant the female consumer is always aware of her objectivity and in some ways seeks to comply by absorbing and rehearsing the language of femininity.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.44.13

The final film is recommended to be viewed within an intimate space, preferably with the headphones, so as to act as a direct voice from one to another.

For the highest quality version Click here

Alexa Grace Coe is represented by Lipstick of London


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