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Alex T. Smith Just William Cover Illustration


Continuing their new Just William collection, Macmillan asked Alex T. Smith to interpret Richmal Compton's much-loved schoolboy for the cover of William In Trouble.

Alex's charming illustration shows our mischievous hero doing what he loves best - causing mayhem! William and the Outlaws try to discover a roman excavation site, dress up as a fairy, steal, lie, start a newspaper, put on a circus show, attempt to play the piano (he’s not very good), get mistaken for a wolf, and many more muddles!

This cover is the most recent addition to Macmillan's new collection of contemporary covers by well-known illustrators, including our very own Adam Stower, as well as Michael Foreman, Liz Pichon and Chris Riddell.

Alex T. Smith is represented by Arena Illustration

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