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Jean Jullien – Three SOS

Three, the mobile network had a tough task on their hands – making phone insurance exciting. The solution was to call upon the wit and humour of Jean Jullien, who helped depict all the obscure things that can happen to your beloved smartphone or tablet

jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_01 jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_02 jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_03 jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_04 jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_05 jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_06

– including, being electrocuted, left on the car roof and of course, dropped down the toilet. The illustrations feature on packaging, in-store POS and online.

jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_07 jean_jullien_three_insurance_illustrations_phone_08

Jean Jullien is represented by Handsome Frank


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