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Bright artist, Lindsey Sagar on the joy of doing what you love.


As the winner of a CBBC pop-up card competition at the age of 11yrs, it was clear there was a future in illustration and design for Lindsey Sagar!

Lindsey joined Bright back in 2013 and since that time she has flourished in both the children’s publishing and Art licensing industries. Her hard work and determination has ensured an extremely bright future in her chosen career.

“Lindsey is an absolute pleasure to work with: hardworking and always enthusiastic, she delivers on time, she understands how to work to brief and she has made the transition from greetings cards into picture books, giving her an even broader range of opportunities” [Nicky Lander, Commercial picture book agent]

Firstly, what made you decide to become an illustrator? Was it always something you aspired to be?

From a very young age, I demonstrated a natural flair for drawing and creativity. Knowing that I wanted to be in a creative industry of some sort, I never actually set out to be an illustrator, instead choosing to study Graphic design. During my course I found a passion for photography, typography and packaging, without realising these were really the skills of an illustrator.

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You work in both the picture book and greetings card industries: How did you develop your style, and do you find it easy to adopt different styles for different briefs?

I used to work for Hallmark Greetings, and there I had the chance to try out many varied briefs –  from traditional work to more contemporary styles. Once a freelance illustrator, my skill set had really developed -  so I do find it easy to adapt to different styles. When I first came to Bright I worked specifically in Greetings card design, but after having a chat with the publishing team, I developed into picture book illustration. I always love a new challenge, but at first found the transition from card design to books quite difficult. However, after a few books I began to get a feel for it and I continue to develop my style as I go.

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As an illustrator, I always feel there comes a point where you can look at your work and say, Yep, I did that and I like it! At what point did you find that you’d developed into the illustrator you’ve become?

For me when I’m doing any piece of work I always try and make that the best I can. When you’re on a journey, sometimes it’s only when you look back that you can see how much you learned or developed. For me I always think there are things I can improve on and that’s what keeps me going. I think the day I joined Bright was the point where I thought yep I’m an illustrator.

What advice would you give to budding illustrators – both in picture book and licensing illustration?

I would just say keep going. Looking back at some of my older artwork, I cringe! But that’s a good thing because I can see how my work has grown.  A lot of the time it’s about your attitude and how much you enjoy what you do. I think if you show passion people can see it and that’s what drives me to keep moving.


 Do you have a favourite children’s author/illustrator – someone who inspired you?

Just before I started my job at Hallmark a girl called Cally Johnson-Isaacs had just left the company to start doing freelance book illustration. Her books are really successful and I adore her style. It’s really great to know that someone close to home is having a successful career doing something they love. A few of my favourites at Bright are Benji DaviesMark ChambersDan Taylor, and Anna Jones. I think anyone doing a job they love is really inspiring.

Did you enjoy your school days?

Yes I did enjoy school. When I was at School I only really enjoyed art and design and wished that I could do this all the time. I was always quite clear in my mind that I would do something creative in the future. I had an amazing art teacher called Dave Stobbs, who noticed that I had a real flair and natural talent for design. I was very shy and quiet, but being encouraged taught me to have self belief. Mr Stobbs gave me great support and encouragement – in fact he was such an inspiration that I decided to do a degree in graphic design. He came to see my final degree show after I graduated with first class honours. Sadly Mr Stobbs is no longer with us, but I will never forget him and all the support he gave me.


If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?

A micro pig! I never had pets growing up so I a little piggy would be perfect!

Name 3 things you could not live without?

Friends, pencils, cake.

Lindsey Sagar is represented by Bright Group International

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