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UNA / FIA Formula E

UNA worked with VCCP London and FIA Formula E Racing to develop the advertising collateral for the 2015 - 2016 FIA Formula E racing season featuring 11 races in 10 countries. This exciting job is still in production and once completed will consist of ten race location images and twenty driver illustrations.


Travelling the world, the Formula E circuit travels from Beijing China - Putrajaya Malaysia - Punta Del Este, Uruguay - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Mexico City, Mexico - Long Beach, U.S.A - Paris, France - Berlin, Germany - Moscow, Russia - London, UK. The cars, unlike Formula One cars are electricity powered and quiet, and the tracks run through major cities instead of on a designated race track, making for thrilling city viewing.


UNA were directly inspired by the location, with each illustration either being based around a landmark or cultural iconography. The imagery appears en masse across various promotional material in each city, and can be found on locations such as football field sized LED billboards, the side of bicycles, presentation screens, ticketing... basically anything you could imagine UNA's work is on it!


UNA are represented by Debut Art


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.25.19

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