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Telling Tales with Poonam Mistry


Indian culture has always been a big inspiration for Phosphor Art’s Poonam Mistry, and her highly detailed illustration style lends itself well to traditional stories. Poonam has recently embarked on an exciting new project, translating Indian folk tales and fables and illustrating them in her unique style.


Today we’re sharing a sample with you from The Heron and the Crab, a traditional Panchatantra tale, which teaches children good morals. Keep an eye on Phosphor Art’s social media accounts for more about the book or send them an email if you'd like to know more!


In the meantime, you can now buy A River of Stories: Volume 2, which was commissioned by The Commonwealth Education Trust and features beautiful illustrations by Poonam, accompanying stories and poems from each of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Buy A River of Stories Volume 2 here


 Poonam Mistry is represented by Phosphor Art


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