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Levi Pinfold’s Greenling Wins English Association Book Award

Congratulations to Levi Pinfold for winning the English Association's 7-11 years Picture Book Award for his haunting and thought-provoking fable, Greenling. Established in 1995, the awards are presented to the best children's Fiction and Non-Fiction picture books of the year.


When a green baby creature appears on their remote Australian farm, the Barleycorns take it in, nurture it, and become part of its natural world—at least for a season. The baby grows, letting loose the incredible power of nature: plants sprout out of the television, vines colonise the kitchen and even the transport has taken to seed. Levi's stunning and surreal illustrations have an ominous edge to them and combined with the rhyme and pulse of the text, it creates an hypnotising, strange and beautiful book. 

Levi Pinfold is represented by Arena Illustration

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