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Clothes we Love Rosie McGuinness


Rosie was commissioned from across the pond , by INSTYLE magazine to create a series of on trend illustrations for their September issue . These are such a refreshing use of illustration and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Hugely proud of Rosie, and a delighted client as well !

For you Rosie super fans, here's little Q&A With the lady herself..

Lipsick : How did you find your style ? Has it changed since you started ?
Rosie : " I have always drawn people, predominantly women, and regularly attend life drawing classes, this along with my fashion design education and experience has combined to create my practice - using strong, figurative lines alongside my knowledge of garment construction/fabric/design.

I think my work is always developing, if only inevitably, through practice and new subjects. However I believe an underlying, signature style is always present and recognisable, again, probably inevitably so. I'd say this is the case for most people with a creative practice."

Lipstick : How did you get started as an illustrator ?"
Rosie "During my studies I always preferred the illustrative, design and presentation aspects of the fashion design process, rather than the technical, which I had no patience for - this lead me to pursue Illustration upon graduating and my practice has evolved since then. My first commissions were producing runway reports for Net-A-porter and Garage magazine, which was great. I like the fast-paced work of illustrating to support reports, no time to labour over anything, but the illustrations must be instantly recognisable and capture the look of the show."

Rosie McGuinness is represented by Lipstick

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