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Darren Whittington’s 20 Year Anniversary


Phosphor Art's Darren Whittington is celebrating 20 years of working as an illustrator by sharing 100 images of his work throughout the years in 100 days. So far the illustrations he's shared have showed a vast portfolio of very different jobs and paint quite an interesting picture of how the world we live in has changed since Darren's first job. 

Some of the projects Darren's been reminiscing on so far include a job for Vodafone which encouraged people to use internet on their mobile phones, a job for the Body Shop to create the illustration and animation for their brand vision film about how important bees are as pollinators for the things we grow, a London Fashion Week project from 1999 to create fabric prints for Japanese fashion designer Michiko Koshino and an exciting job with the Turner Duckworth design team to create the illustrations for limited edition iconic cans for Team USA at London 2012.

You can catch up with Darren's 100 Days project on his facebook and twitter pages or look at his portfolio on the Phosphor Art website. 

Darren Whittington is represented by Phosphor Art 

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