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The London Zodiac

Mike Hall is a contributing illustrator to 'Curiocity: In Pursuit of London'.


The book written by Henry Eliot and Matt Lloyd-Rose is a compendium of trivia and stories about London and includes contributions by various writers including Monica Ali, Philip Pullman and Robert MacFarlane. Arranged into 26 alphabetical chapters, each one features a stylised centrepiece map and accompanying illustrations by a different artist. Mike's piece for the commission is a map and illustrations for chapter N for 'Nocturne'; all about London at night. Mike says "My map is titled The London Zodiac and is an abstract representation of London in the style of a traditional star map....Each "constellation" is a grouping of locations, shown as stars, linked by a particular theme and illustrated with a zodiac-style character or object. The text in the chapter explains the significance of each constellation and each location is described in sequence like a walking tour. For example 'Spectre' shows supposedly haunted places around west London, 'Cockerel' shows hotels of Mayfair, and 'Werewolf' shows late-opening bars and restaurants of Soho." The book, published by Penguin is in receipt of many favourable reviews and is available now, via Penguin. More information here.

Mike Hall is represented by Illustration


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