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Ben Hasler – ViaSat


NB Illustration’s Ben Hasler has created this fun tee-shirt design for ViaSat’s annual conference.

‘ViaSat is looking to connect the world like no one else has been able to. With our three ViaSat-3 satellites, we plan to cover the entire globe with high capacity bandwidth, providing high speed internet access in all the hard-to-reach places. Each satellite will have large coverage areas (each roughly a third of the globe).

The satellite technology required to achieve this level of high capacity over such large coverage areas is unprecedented, and only ViaSat has been able to achieve it. The CEO of one of our biggest competitors referred to our ViaSat-3 satellite as a “mythical beast,” too far-fetched and too far out in the science fiction future.’ Sounds like we need some of that technology over here in the UK!

Ben Hasler is represented by NB Illustration

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