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Alex T. Smith’s Santa Claude


What can be a better Christmas present than this super-sparkly Christmas mystery adventure, Santa Claude by Alex T. Smith. This is a the ninth book in the best-selling Claude series and our hero handcuffs a burglar when he whooshes down Claude's chimney on Christmas Eve, only to find that it's Santa Claus himself!
When it becomes clear that the key to the handcuffs has mysteriously disappeared it - who will deliver the presents to all the children? Well Claude of course, along with his faithful companion, Sir Bobblysock must save the day! Of course, in Claude's usual delightful way, he manages to cause mayhem and havoc. Santa Claude, published by Hodder, is beautifully illustrated throughout and features an hilarious line up of  characters such as P.C. Ann Cuffs, Beverly Clematis the florist, Percy Package the postman and of course, the gorgeously plump Santa Claus.

Alex T. Smith is represented by Arena Illustration

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