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Thomas Flintham’s Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy!

It was the computer games of Thomas Flintham’s childhood in the 90’s that inspired him to go on to write a series of stories called Press Start! The first book in the series, Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy! is published this month in the US by Scholastic and will hit the shops in the UK in August. 

With retro references to Gameboy, Super Fustan is the game console where we meet Super Rabbit Boy, our pixelated hero who must save the fun loving Animal Town from the clutches of meanie King Viking and his robot army. The King is set on destroying the songs by kidnapping Singing Dog and removing the happiness and dancing from the town, so it’s GAME ON for Super Rabbit Boy to solve each level and dodge the many traps set so he can save Singing Dog and bring the fun back to Animal Town, or it will be GAME OVER!

Thomas Flintham is represented by Arena Illustration

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