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Where’s Frank been?

If you're reading this then you're probably savvy enough to know that we recently sent out our latest newspaper Frank Issue 4 all round the world to all our lovely clients and a few lucky others.

Every year, we gather our favourite project that each of our illustrators have worked on and showcase them in Frank. Since launching our first issue in 2013, our newspapers are landing on doormats all over the planet, so we want to show you a few of our favourites.

We're especially happy about Frank travelling to India because following our trip to Jaipur last year, we kept in touch with the fantastic folks at Paper Planes and hit upon an idea to help raise money for an Indian charity using art to empower children and women in marginalised communities. We sent 500 copies of our Frank newspaper, which Paper Planes are selling with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the muralswallah program.

You can have a look for yourself on Instagram by searching the hashtag #frankpaper.

Frank cover illustration by Malika Favre - represented by Handsome Frank


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