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Andrew Archer and Mark Ward/ Mellow Mushroom

Mark Ward

We are delighted to showcase two specialty menu designs for US-based pizzeria Mellow Mushroom. Andrew Archer and Mark Ward were selected to “create a menu people would want to steal” - a fabulous objective from the founder of Mellow Mushroom and their agency BooneOakley. With so much creative freedom, each artist was able imagine their perfect pizza world for the cover and interior of Mellow Mushroom’s menus.

Take a trip through Andrew Archer's inspired world of cascading cheese pouring over a mushroom-laden landscape. With retro colors and remarkable linework, Andrew’s electric jungle is blooming with inventive mushroom flora. An additional gem is Andrew’s custom alphabet that is sprouting with ‘shrooms and dripping with cheese.

Andrew Archer

Then ride through Mark Ward’s cheesy moonscape world that lies between reality and fantasy. In Mark’s surreal pizza land, mushroom trees and pizza pyramids form the scenery, while tomatoes and pickles come to life. His work was inspired by his love for American culture and unique passion for pineapple* on his pizza (*hidden in the landscape). Be careful not to be abducted by his pepperoni UFOs!

Mark Ward and Andrew Archer are represented by Debut Art 


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